Edible Sand and Other Allergy-Friendly Birthday Cake Ideas

edible sand dessert

How’s a bucket of sand for a 13-year-old birthday cake? Edible sand that is. It was just right for a birthday at the beach. All the ingredients are allergy-safe for our nut-free, egg-free crew. Plus it is just downright fun to make! This is our second year making golden Oreo sand. Be sure to click over to Household Ways for the edible sand recipe. Birthdays

Fast Food for Slow Sundays: Basic Meatloaf, Egg Free


Meatloaf can easily be baked on a Saturday then warmed when you walk in the door from church… Often I need to modify a good, old, basic recipe due to the children’s allergies. Meatloaf is no exception. Now, I could add in egg substitute. But I’ve found that meatloaf is every bit as tasty, sans egg. How does the loaf not crumble, you ask? The

Allergy Friendly Living Part Four – Egg Substitute


Most recipes I can make do without an egg. But, when I can’t, here are my favorite egg substitutes: Bread Beckers (4 options) – I most often use the first one. It’s etched in my brain. Cassandra’s Flax Eggs – will store in the fridge up to 10 days! Lil’ Buddy is the reason we turn to egg substitute. I think flax seeds are beautiful,