Slow Cooker Recipes and Egg Substitutes


Truly the easiest way I have found to feed my family of seven is to put the slow cooker to work for me. Whether I am out for the day or busy with homeschooling our age range, I can serve up slow cooker deliciosity. My slow cooker history will prove my love. My regular Saturday series, Fast Food for Slow Sundays is celebrated along with

Blueberry Breakfast Cake


I made another recipe found on Pinterest! This scrumptious blueberry breakfast cake I made with egg substitute so Lil’ Buddy could enjoy it too. We mixed it up one night last week as the highlight of breakfast for supper. You must click over to Alexandra’s Kitchen to see her delicious photos. You’ll want to make it too! The recipe here.

Cake Mix Cookies – Double Chocolate


The cookies our eldest baked many times for her Egg Substitute science project. The cookies we whip up quite often for a treat. The cookies with ingredients that are easy to keep on hand in the Cook Box. The main ingredient is a cake mix. You know these are a favorite because I’ve been using this Southern Living recipe since 1995. Attributed to Marie Davis

Sugarless Bars: Arthritis Friendly Living


Raise your hand if you’ve homeschooled without coffee and chocolate. {Raising my hand.} Back in January I shared about my challenge with arthritis in Awaking to the Aching. Guess what? My aunt saw my post and shared her success story. See, she also has had arthritis for  lengthy time. Well, her doctor put her on a diet. The diet’s side effect? A noticeable difference in