Our Food Allergies on a Budget Story

Lil Buddy allergic to egg and peanut

Four epipens go everywhere with the seven of us. We have two children allergic to nuts. One would go into anaphylactic shock if eggs touched his lips. Yet, there is so much food my children can have. Can enjoy. Yes, this allergy-friendly living takes a bit more planning but any good thing does. Yes, foods that are safe for my children can sometimes be expensive

Egg and Nut Free Hodgepodge


On this gratitude Monday, I find myself grateful for health. Today I share the story of how we found out about the younger children’s allergies. A bit of our recent history – with food allergies in the last four years. See, just when we thought we knew what we were dealing with, we found ourselves right back at continuing education. Always learning. Isn’t that part

Overnight Slow Cooker Grits and Breakfast Casserole

Overnight Slow Cooker Grits Recipe

We’ve enjoyed this simple, celebratory breakfast on Christmas for many years now. Perfect for any easy going weekend breakfast or brunch. Certainly fast food for slow Sundays. Overnight Slow Cooker Grits Ingredients Amount of grits for your family. (I make the amount for eight servings) Double amount of water suggested in directions. Salt Topping suggestions: butter, shredded cheese, splash of half and half (makes it

Egg Challenge: Allergy Friendly Living


Another installment in our recent continuing education with Hodgepodge allergy friendly living. This one originally posted February 23, 2010… Our youngest boy had an allergy challenge today.  Some time ago, he was diagnosed with allergies to egg and peanut. Here’s how it works: In a controlled environment (a clinic, intensive care facility, etc.) the doctor (usually a board-certified allergist) conducts a food challenge test to

Avocado Egg Salad


I love avocado. I also love a fabulously easy, scrumptiously delicious recipe from The Pioneer Woman. Especially on a Saturday. Or any day. Now the recipe called for pulsing in a handy chopper. But out of sheer avoidance of dirtying something else, I just smushed it with a knife and fork. So, really, it doesn’t look as purty as PW’s. But that smashing green sandwich