How We Teach Homeschool

How We Teach...Homeschool

Today I share with you how we teach homeschool. How do you teach language arts? Tapestry of Grace? These are questions I get especially at this time of year. I have answered these questions before here at Hodgepodge. Also, our friends at iHomeschool Network (ihsnet) have a wonderful resource, How We Teach, available for homeschoolers. […]

How to Do Art in 5-10 Minutes

How to Do Art in 5-10 Minutes

Q: How do you fit in art? How can you do art in 5-10 minutes? When, oh when, is a good time to do art with children of all ages and stages? (These are questions I get often.) A: The answer is super simple. We have found – after much practice in our home – […]

Tapestry of Grace and History Revealed?

Thoughts on Tapestry of Grace and AiG History Revealed

It’s the time of year when I get questions on curriculum choices! I love to talk curriculum. And today I am sharing a question Holli asked about the homeschool resources Tapestry of Grace and Answers in Genesis: History Revealed. It’s a post I’ve promised for a while. Hi Tricia, Q: I really wanted to ask […]

What Do Your ‘Extra Days’ Look Like?

Hooray for Homeschool Extras Day!

This week we are slowly building back up to a full routine after our Christmas break. Taking a true Return of the Routine approach (do you have my free ebook?) Were you like us and stayed up way too late and slept in some? We truly took a holiday. But while we are returning to […]

How to Mix Colors

The Joy of Mixing Paint Colors

Now and then we receive a question that we feel like our readers would enjoy knowing the answer to as well. With permission, we share the following from a reader, Carey. She says… Q: I found a great acrylics tutorial for kids, but it needs two colors we don’t have and I don’t have time […]

Must Have Supplies for Chalk Pastel Art

Must Have Items for Chalk Pastel #Art + bonus tutorial

Nana shares a video of the very few, simple supplies for chalk pastel art! There aren’t many. Plus, don’t miss the bonus fall tree tutorial at the end of this short, less than three minute long video! –> Be sure to check out our A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels Art for All Ages bundle […]

Weekly Homeschool Planning Meeting with Multiple Ages

Weekly #Homeschool Meeting with Multiple Ages at

Along with our habits, our weekly planning meeting helps build the ‘bones’ of our homeschool days. Our family meeting with all our children gives us an outline for the week ahead. There are so many benefits to this time together. I briefly mentioned our meetings in my Family Homeschool Planner review and it prompted questions. […]

10 Hodgepodge Homeschool FAQs

Frequently Asked #Homeschool Questions at Hodgepodge

I’ve shared before some of the frequently asked questions we get here at Hodgepodge. We even have a menu tab for FAQs which categorizes The Six Most FAQ Homeschool Resource Questions and questions on teaching multiple ages. But in the last couple of months during this homeschool planning season, fellow families have found the posts […]

10 Great Freedoms of Homeschooling

The Great Freedoms of Homeschooling

Oh sakes. How to narrow down the benefits and freedoms of homeschooling to 10? Can’t do it but I’ve squished it into 10 areas. Here it goes… Continuing education for me! An understanding of the history timeline that I never grasped in my years of school. The truth about the dinosaurs and more through Answers […]

10 Things You Will Find at Hodgepodge

10 Things You Will Find at Hodgepodge

I thought we might poke around in the archives and I lead you on a little tour of Hodgepodge. Sometimes it really is a confused mixture and the pieces and parts go like this: 1. Parenting, faith and gratitude – from The Butter Cat – a Hodgepodge classic (because sometimes you just have to laugh)… to […]

A Hodgepodge of Answers for the Homeschool Critics

A Hodgepodge of Answers for the Homeschool Critics

This homeschool journey can sometimes seem like a lonely one. Especially when someone puts you on the spot, questioning your motives, your reasons or even your qualifications. However, I’ve found an across the board way to respond to and deal with these type questions. The answer is… …Kindness. See, often what seems like criticism is […]

Shape Your Heart for Homeschooling with Books

Shape Your Heart for Homeschooling with this Stack of Books at

When I first started homeschooling I was desperate to learn how to do it. I knew it was easily an extension of parenting and reading books aloud to our eldest. But part of me needed details and examples. Fortunately, I have several long-time homeschooling friends who have mentored me. Those I can still call on […]