Simple Two Ingredient Slow Cooker Meals

Simple Two Ingredient Slow Cooker Meals

I love my slow cooker for simple, delicious meals. It works on supper while the rest of us go about our day. My slow cooker is the best for back to school time, for comfort food and for batch cooking main ingredients. And I am not one for a long list of ingredients. So, lately, […]

Top 2012 Hodgepodge Slow Cooker Recipes

Top 2012 Hodgepodge Recipes

We really are a hodgepodge here with homemaking, homeschooling and homecooking. So, over the next little while I’ll be sharing the top posts in these categories. Today, it’s easy home cooking. Those basic, simple and delicious recipes I turn to. And each one of these is for the slow cooker: Ultimate List of Easy Slow […]

Easy Mac and Beef Casserole Recipe

Mac and Beef Casserole

I think this might possibly be the best supper ever. ~ 14-year-old If you make it, they will yum it up. This good ol’ basic recipe is also known as hamburger mess. Plus, this is also a Pinterest success story. (Thanks Julie for the pin!) I made a short cut version. I made two boxes […]

Slow Cooker Spinach Lasagna Recipe

crock pot lasagna

We are right here in the middle of 10 Days of Lasagna Learning: Teaching Multiple Ages. What’s a series on lasagna learning without a true lasagna recipe you can enjoy around your table? This is our all-time favorite slow cooker version. A definite have-to-have in the Fast Food for Slow Sundays category. A meal we […]

Blueberry Pound Cake Recipe


“When can we have it?” – 14-year-old “Amazingly delicious!” – 12-year-old “This is a dream!” – six-year-old “Mmm. mmm. mmm. mmm. mmmm,” was all I heard from nine-year-old. This Blueberry Pound Cake is my first instagram success story. Kristin shared a photo of her blueberry pound cake. It looked so delicious I asked for the […]

Potato Salad with Hashbrowns

potato salad

Yes, indeed you can make potato salad with hashbrowns. It’s a perfect recipe for Easter, a spring or summer family gathering or Fast Food for Slow Sundays. This recipe is from Southern Plate and Christy shows you step-by-step how to make these delicious potatoes. Nana made it for us one recent Sunday. For the recipe: […]

Toffee Poke Cake

Toffee Poke Cake

We enjoyed this wonderful cake after our lunch last Sunday. The easy recipe is from Taste of Home. I did make two adjustments. I put the Heath bars in the food processor to make fine crumbs. For allergy-friendliness, I only put the Heath bars on half the cake. Yum. *Click over to Taste of Home […]

Easy Cake Mix Muffins Recipe


Frugal. Delicious. Will feed a crowd. But most of all – easy. These muffins are so simple to make and have such wide appeal, they’ve easily become a go-to recipe in our home. You’ve likely seen the chocolate version. But what about the spice cake version? I was surprised at how many my teenagers gobbled […]

10 Easter and Spring Recipes


There’s just something about spring time recipes that makes it a little easier to deal with an hour of lost sleep. Me? I don’t mind daylight savings time too much. Because it means more daylight in the evenings. And that means more walks in the neighborhood. Sunshine just cheers everything. And so do these good, […]

Nana’s Fried Okra Recipe

fried okra

I really feel quite silly authoring a post on “Fried Okra.”  Southern cooks learn how to make this dish usually the same way that their Mamas made it. Goodness gracious, there are a lot of ways and opinions on cooking this famous vegetable! My Mama was a great cook, she denied it to all, but […]

Nana’s Corn Salad Recipe: Fast Food for Slow Sundays


Nana fed this to us back over the Christmas holidays. It was so different – and delicious. And it had Fritos in it! Definitely an easy Fast Food for Slow Sundays addition. Either as a side dish or the main course! I hear it is adapted from a Paula Deen corn salad recipe.  Corn Salad […]

Slow Cooker Recipes and Egg Substitutes


Truly the easiest way I have found to feed my family of seven is to put the slow cooker to work for me. Whether I am out for the day or busy with homeschooling our age range, I can serve up slow cooker deliciosity. My slow cooker history will prove my love. My regular Saturday […]