10 Gift Ideas

Barbie Beach Bucket Gift

For Mother’s Day, teacher appreciation, birthdays and more… 1. A Rose for Mother’s Day – We clip a rose from the front yard bush and wear it in honor of Mama on Mother’s Day. But it’s also tradition for my husband and the children to give me a new rose bush for the front yard. I have several lining the walkway now! “When I was

Christmas Favorites

Christmas sugar cookies

I found myself looking through my archives for some Christmas favorites. So, I thought it would be good to place them all in a nice little spot. Favorites like recipes we use often in December, advent resources and holiday and winter art. He appeared and the soul felt its worth… From all three Hodgepodge categories – homemaking, homecooking and homeschooling: Christmas Ponderings: Three Gifts for

Reindeer Mix a.k.a. White Christmas Snack

White Christmas Snack Recipe at Hodgepodge

Always a holiday favorite is Reindeer Mix, a.k.a. White Christmas Snack. It’s an easy solution for parties, teacher or neighbor gifts or a nice little something to tuck in the mailbox for your mail carrier. It’s very simple. You might even have the ingredients on hand. Just melt the white chocolate bark and pour it over Crispix, marshmallows, pretzels and M&Ms. The M&Ms make it

For the Birds: Gift Idea

Gift Idea for Bird Lovers

from the 2010 archives…We spent an entire afternoon Saturday making treats for the birds – and the bird lovers we know. Nana came across a really neat recipe for birdseed wreaths. I was especially excited about it because it is peanut free for our crew. Just three ingredients! Gelatin, water and birdseed. We made ten, small, heart-shaped wreaths and two large tube pan wreaths. Place