The Bowl

Cherishing Generations

She brought it on a Sunday filled with homemade mashed potatoes. I admired the yellow bowl. So she gave it to me. Nana gave me my grandmother’s bowl. A yellow Pyrex bowl she’d found in the old shed on the farm. My grandfather had likely taken it out there to hold something. Probably something he […]

The Joy of My Salvation

The Joy of My Salvation

“I’m sad my baptism is over,” she says as she comes in from the backyard. “Oh sweet girl,” I answer. “It was a day you will always remember. But guess what? You have so much to look forward to. This is only the beginning. You will always be growing as a Christian and learning more […]

An attitude of anticipation

Anticipate the Great

“I predicted yesterday that today would be great. My estimate was correct.” ~ Littlest Girl A weary Mama at the end of a very full day sure needed to hear that. And doesn’t He know just what we need? Maybe I should always anticipate the great, count all the good. The daily gifts… A link […]

Wisdom for Every Day

How to Get Wisdom for Every Day

We are smack dab in the middle of the morning when he asks. He’s looking far away, out the window. “When will God come to town?” It’s these moments of parenting. Seizing opportunities to teach in the every day. These moments are the most fruitful. You can plan days full of learning, buy stacks of […]

Cultivating Curiosity with Nature Study

Cultivating Curiosity with Nature Study

“Mama, I need a towel because I did one of the nature prompts,” she calls through the cracked open back door. I look and her feet are covered in clay. I smile. “Make a little mud and walk through it in your bare feet.” ~ August Outdoor Hour Challenge Newsletter Earlier I had printed the […]

Put the Pause on Summer


It’s the last week. The last week before we start to hear of ‘back to school’ advertising. You know it all starts next week with Independence Day. Right when we’re just getting settled into a summer routine. A couple more weeks we’ll even see fall fashions in the stores. So this girl is determined. Pause […]

Simple, Frugal Ways to Celebrate an Anniversary

blue hydrangea

This past weekend Hodgepodgedad and I celebrated 17 years of marriage! It was a simple celebration spanning a few days. Because celebrating need not be elaborate and doesn’t have to break the bank. Picnic at the Park. Friday night we went through the Chick-fil-a and the Starbucks drive-thrus. We took our picnic of chicken cool […]

Golden Days of Parenthood


Don’t miss the links to parenting resources at the end… Oct 2010 I hear his little feet coming around the corner. It’s busy, in-the-thick-of-it Sunday morning. I’m putting the ingredients in the crock pot for our lunch. His Daddy has dressed him. He’s ready to go. So he runs, pounding little shoes and slams full […]

Forward and Back


I’m pushing him in the swing. And with each push I say, “forward!” Then, quickly, as he comes back toward me I say, “back.” He’s learning, just like brother and sisters before him, how to pump his legs and swing on his own. Forward and back. Forward and back. Forward…and…back. And it comes to me […]

Good Friday Garden and Choosing a Tree


Both my grandfathers planted their gardens on Good Friday. We’ve adopted this tradition as well. And while it’s a good practice to wait until Good Friday because all danger of frost has past, we’ve discovered another significance. We talk about Easter. We pour that fresh soil into a flower bed. And a little finger makes […]

Fun for Easter Week

cross with pastels

A guilt-free, clean-slate stay-cation celebratory Easter week ahead! We’ll enjoy some Easter traditions and add in a few other activities from this list: All of our favorite Easter resources: resurrection rolls, box of repentances and more Make a cross with chalk pastels (this tutorial is for oil pastels but it also works wonderfully with chalk) […]

The Passing of Two Pots

red crockpot

This post, from December 2009 has new meaning. New meaning because yet another slow cooker has passed. It became a cracked pot. Slow cooked meals for two years in the fancy pot with the timer. This is a big deal because I depend on that slow cooker many times a week. Plus there’s the twice […]