5 Great Homeschool Themes for Multiple Ages

5 Great Homeschool Themes for Multiple Ages

The last two weeks I have noticed several intertwined homeschool themes at Hodgepodge. The themes are different because of our multiple ages – from elementary up to high school. But, of course, those themes are complementary and supportive of one another. I’ll share them with you today. Let me know what you think. ~ Affiliate […]

Take Advantage of Your Homeschool Schedule

Taking Advantage of a Homeschool Schedule at Hodgepodge

Oh I am such a rule follower! So, in writing this and sharing about our week of taking advantage of a homeschool schedule, I am speaking to myself too. See, I have to remind myself that there is a wonderful balance that can happen when we keep our diligence in homeschool, yet take advantage of […]

Weekly Homeschool Planning – Expanded

Weekly Homeschool Planning Meeting - Expanded

We are expanding our weekly homeschool planning meeting. Why? Things are always changing at Hodgepodge: our children’s needs, moving into older grades, more accountability needed. This year our eldest three children simply needed to SEE all their subjects and practice scheduling their time.  How We Expanded Weekly Homeschool Planning I typed up all the subjects, […]

The Sidetracks of Homeschool

The Sidetracks of #Homeschool www.hodgepodge.me

There are some weeks that just click along in our homeschool. And there are other weeks we couldn’t possibly plan or predict the sidetracks. Yet, in keeping with the comforts and the flexibility of homeschool, today I want to encourage you in the sidetracks. Because sometimes the sidetracks are the best places to learn. Monday […]

The Comforts of Homeschool

The Many Comforts of Homeschool www.hodgepodge.me

It occurred to me this week, as it often does. This homeschool life is full of comforts. But this time I was intentional to catch the images. The many, many comforts of homeschool. How blessed we are to do this thing together. And how quickly these children grow, how fleeting the time. So today, a […]

A Clean Slate – Planning and Dreaming for the New Year

A New Slate - Planning and Dreaming for the New Year www.hodgepodge.me

In my time with family over Christmas and in these days leading up to the new year, I have been reflecting. Reflecting on God’s goodness. His constant provision. His direction and love over our family, our homeschool. We sat down as a family this past weekend. We dreamed, we planned, we talked. Some specific goals, […]

BEECH Retreat: How to Continue the Conference Learning

BEECH Retreat - How to Continue Blog Conference Learning

I left the BEECH Retreat 48 hours ago, turning north off of Captiva Island, FL to head home. My fellow blogging friend, Mary of Homegrown Learners and I rode the 11 hour trip back to Georgia together. The long trip gave us focused time to talk about all we had learned. To share how we […]

Do you homeschool in December?

Do You Homeschool in December?

What does Christmas look like at Hodgepodge? In our homeschool? I invite you to come and sit by the fire, enjoy a warm cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea and put your feet up – for about five minutes. Just five minutes because in December things are changing moment to moment. Like most families, […]

How Morning Room Time Builds Learning Skills for Later

How Morning Room Time Builds Important Skills for Later

My two youngest children have outgrown our long-time homeschool habit of morning room time. Today I am sharing the benefits of this habit I’ve seen in all my children. But first, a short recap to answer, What is Morning Room Time? What About the Little Ones? …Morning Room Time. This is when the two younger […]

How to Start a Homeschool Routine

Starting a Morning Routine

A dear reader, Kimberly, asked: Any advice on starting the homeschool routine for the first time? For us, it’s kindergarten so our first “school” day routine ever! I’m wondering how to make the transition from six years of all day, all play! Homeschool Habits 101 Oh how exciting Kimberly! In all our years of starting […]

How To Fit In All The Extras and Survive

Adding in All the Extras

I  slept really well every night this week. That’s because we’ve ramped up to full homeschool schedule. Yes, we’ve been back to school since July. And I felt like we had our basics down. We’ve had good practice with our Before 8:45 Checklist, math, English, and spelling. And last week we started adding back in […]

Ten Parts of the Hodgepodge Homeschool Schedule

10 Parts of Our Homeschool Schedule at Hodgepodge

A dear reader asked the question: Have you posted somewhere your schedule? Her question made me realize I have shared many of our homeschool habits here and there – even in a gigantic list. However, I’ve never typed out our basic school schedule, or order. Today’s 10 in 10 theme is 10 Things You Should […]