Homeschool Makeover: Chalkboard Desk

Chalkboard desk

It has been three weeks since I’ve posted a weekly wrap! That’s because the past two Fridays I was sharing our 10 Days of Lasagna Learning: Teaching Multiple Ages. If you missed it, I invite you to click the big button in the sidebar. This week I shared about our chalkboard desk at Heart of the Matter. A have a little thing for chalkboards. Okay,

Homeschool Makeover: Flag Art Over Mantel


Many years ago we needed some art work for the family room. There was a big, empty spot over the mantel that needed just the perfect, happy, family-friendly piece. The flag was Nana’s suggestion. Back when we it was just the older three children, they all joined in the process. We got out a long piece of paper from our newspaper roll and the three

Valentines to Make: Crafts, Pastels and Recipes

wedding shower paper chain

A recent example of love.. I hear myself let loose a long, exasperated sigh as I bend down to pick up the tiny scraps of paper that litter the floor. Across the room a small voice says, “I love you Mama.” My littlest guy keyed into my tone and he turned it around. Love does that. I could do that too. I could see all

Top Ten Frugal Living Posts Plus Frugal Friends


Aren’t we all looking to save some money this time of year? I thought so. With that in mind, I’m sharing the top ten Hodgepodge posts of 2011 in celebration of frugal living… Back to Basics Series Meal Plan: Cheap Eats for Two Weeks Frugal Living: Homemade Wheat Thins Frugal Living: Homemade Laundry Detergent (or how I got a $132 a year pay raise) Frugal

For the Birds: Gift Idea

Gift Idea for Bird Lovers

from the 2010 archives…We spent an entire afternoon Saturday making treats for the birds – and the bird lovers we know. Nana came across a really neat recipe for birdseed wreaths. I was especially excited about it because it is peanut free for our crew. Just three ingredients! Gelatin, water and birdseed. We made ten, small, heart-shaped wreaths and two large tube pan wreaths. Place