Gifted Learners, Living Math & Pumpkin School at Ultimate Homeschool Pinterest Party!


Welcome! I have the privilege of co-hosting the Ultimate Homeschool Pinterest Party each week with these wonderful ladies: Jamerrill @FreeHomeschoolDeals Jenn @ Daze of Adventure Toni @ The Happy Housewife Staci @ Motherhood on a Dime Tricia @ Hodgepodge So your pins will show up on all five sites! And the party starts every Friday at midnight. Featuring YOU! Each week I will feature one

Imperfect Homeschool: Drama and Trauma

Imperfect Homeschool- Drama and Trauma All The Time

“Your homeschool looks so peaceful.” “Wow, I wish I was as organized as you.” “Well, you have experience with teaching an age-range of children, I could never accomplish as much as you do.” Every now and then when I share our weekly homeschool wrap ups or an art tutorial, I will get a comment like those above. I always think to myself… if only they

A Hodgepodge December and a Chalk Pastels ebook

A Hodgepodge Christmas

It’s been a Hodgepodge sort of December. We’ve collected many happy memories even though we were hit with sickness starting early in the month. The flu was staggered with each of our family of seven – lasting 10 days to two weeks for each of us. So far, only one escaped. The sick ones were quarantined upstairs in hopes of preventing the spread to the

How Are You Qualified to Be a Homeschool Teacher?

How Are You Qualifed to be a Homeschool Teacher? at Hodgepodge

This highly educated man looked me straight in the face and asked his pointed question. His rimmed glasses balanced just slightly down on his nose. “How are you qualified to be a homeschool teacher?” he asked. Immediately my defensiveness swelled. The protective mother and ‘how dare you’ side of me. He must have seen this flash of feeling in me because he quickly added, “I’m

10 Positives of Starting Homeschool in July

First Day of School

My two little ones – starting Pre-K 4 and First Grade! I hadn’t really planned to start our 2012-2013 school year Monday. However, we usually do start the last full week of July. Many things helped me make a last minute decision to start this week. Starting an Olympics unit study, new curriculum in the mail, excited children. But I also got the expected, ‘whoa,