Chalk Pastels: What is the difference?

Chalk Pastels - What is the Difference?

A reader asked: Can you, or Nana, explain the difference between chalk, soft, and hard pastels to me? I’m wanting to buy some more to expand our collection but I want to make sure that I’m buying the correct thing. Thanks! And Nana explains: Keep in mind that you should purchase the lowest cost pastels in any form.  Do this to see if you like

The Chalk Pastels We Love

The Type of Chalk Pastels We Love

Often when we share a chalk art tutorial, we get a question about the chalk pastels we love to use. Recently, a reader asked what chalk pastels we recommend when we shared one of our fun, time lapse tutorial videos on instagram. (Have you seen those? A tutorial in about 11 seconds!) ~ This post contains affiliate links to art supplies we adore. If you

How Do I Get Free Subscriber-Only Art Tutorials?

Impressionism with Chalk Pastel Art - Monet's Bridge at

Did you know that we have FREE subscriber-only art tutorials? I have been receiving several emails lately about them. Yes, our loyal subscribers already have access to the exclusive tutorials listed below. What Are the Free Hodgepodge Subscriber-Exclusive Tutorials? Impressionism with Chalk Pastels: Monet’s Bridge Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue Baseball and Bat Summer Trees Acrylic Art Plus a link to download our free Homeschooling

Organizing Art Projects with Pinterest Boards

Organizing Art Projects with Pinterest by Hodgepodgemom

If you love a wide swath of color right through the middle of your days like we do (or if you’d really like to mix just a touch of art in your days), what you need is art projects. We have them! But what makes it even easier is organizing art projects with Pinterest boards. I happen to love using Pinterest to organize and gather

Chalkboard Chalk Art

Chalkboard Chalk Art - You ARE an Artist

Chalkboard chalk art is all the rage these days. We’ve long loved all things chalkboard. Our love of chalk and chalkboard goes back a long way. We have many chalkboards all over our house. Over the kitchen table, by the kitchen telephone, in the classroom, in the bathroom even. Then, over at Nana’s house, she repainted her entire kitchen in chalkboard paint! She chalks all