6 Frequently Asked Homeschool Resource Questions

IKEA baskets for homeschool

Here are a few questions that I get asked quite frequently – with the answers – all in one spot! Where do you find those baskets you love? IKEA. That place I love to go. The baskets we use are the branas rattan. (and they were bought a few at a time, over time and […]

How To Add in the Joy of Art

How To Add In Art

Well, I’m just not artistic. I’ve heard that statement rather often from other homeschoolers when they talk about the lack of art in their days. Since adding in the joy of art is one of my passions, I’m here to encourage you that building this habit is not hard. You did not have to inherit […]

Return of the Routine

How to Get Back in a Routine

Welcome to Five Days of Return of the Routine! I’m so glad you are here. First of all, if you are a reluctant return of the routiner, take heart. Pin this series and stop back by later. Take what you need when you need it. (But really, this series is for you!) The encouragement I […]

How To Fit In All The Extras

One More Thing After Lunch

One more thing after lunch. One more thing after lunch. This is the one thing that really changed our homeschool. When the children were all little we could usually get most of our learning completed before lunch. As they grew and the needs of the age range grew as well, I struggled to fit it […]

A Recipe for Teaching Multiple Ages

Layers and Levels of Learning. That one-room schoolhouse type of learning. But Lasagna Learning describes it much more accurately.

Welcome to 10 Days of Lasagna Learning! I’m so glad you are here. As homeschool mothers, parents, we can all learn from and help each other. I hope that some part of this series will bless you – whether you are balancing the needs of an age range or just starting your homeschool journey. So […]

Tapestry of Grace for The Teacher


Last summer I hosted a Tapestry Tea in my home. Now that this school year is winding up this is the question I am getting… But I feel overwhelmed by Tapestry of Grace. How do I make it work? Never have we ever done all of the subjects each week. Tapestry is truly a smorgasbord. […]

Books for Tapestry of Grace


Question: How Do You Choose The Books You Need for Tapestry of Grace? Answer: Basically, Tapestry of Grace has done the work for you! However, in this post, I will share examples of how I tailor the Tapestry book list to our needs. I will also walk you through the simple steps of planning – […]

How to Get Back in a Routine


That was the question this week. How to get back into a routine after a couple weeks of sickness. The answer? A hodgepodge. A mixture of these: Lower expectations. Do just the basics. Then, fall back into your habits. Leave room for spontaneity. Lower Expectations I reminded myself it was ok. Really it was ok, to […]

Duct Tape Purse Tutorial

duct tape purse

I’m back for another duct tape tutorial! One afternoon, I searched on Google for how to make a duct tape purse. I found a link to the duck tape brand duct tape tutorial. So I watched the video and this is what I made. Take a look at the inside! Didn’t it turn out pretty? […]

Duct Tape Bracelet Tutorial

Duct Tape Bracelet Tutorial at Hodgepodge

Hello again. I’m back with another duct tape tutorial. This time a quick and easy bracelet! You will need: colored or printed duct tape scissors Here’s the duct tape bracelet tutorial (just 50 seconds!):   You can even find Duck tape brand tape in your favorite team colors. This bracelet I embellished a little with […]

Duct Tape Bow Tutorial

Image 2

Hello. Some of my mama’s friends on Facebook saw a picture of my big stack of duck tape. And they wondered what I did with all of it. So, today, I’m going to tell you what I do with it. And I’ll do it with a video tutorial. I make everything with the duck tape […]

Cobweb Hunt and How to Draw A Web


A ‘help me’ scream came from Lil’ Buddy in the backyard. To me it sounded like he may have hurt himself. He was up in the treehouse portion of the swing set. Frozen in the open doorway, he exclaimed,”I’m stuck! Stuck in the spider web and I can’t move.” But you can, I told him. […]