Fast Food for Slow Sundays: Nana’s Famous Chocolate Pound Cake


Growing up, this cake was the one at family gatherings. Doesn’t that speak the loudest about a dessert? It’s a pound cake. A chocolate pound cake. The icing makes it a showcase (and it’s what us children wanted to sneak a bite of as we ran by –  because it tastes just like fudge!) : Nana’s Famous Chocolate Pound Cake Cake: 2 sticks butter 1/2

Fast Food for Slow Sundays: Beef Burgundy

Slow Cooker Beef Burgundy

From the red-and-white-checked cookbook Nana gave me… This is good served over noodles, rice or whipped potatoes. ~ Nana : Beef Burgundy stew beef, 2 1/2 to 3 pounds 1 package dry onion soup mix 2 cans cream of mushroom soup 1 can ginger ale or cream soda (all I had was a Diet Dr. Pepper. Still tasted great!) Mix soup mix, soups and ginger

New Recipe Index and the Hodgepodge Family Cookbook


“Memories…the food of our childhood; food that meant love.” ~ Susan Branch I’d like to think that I grew up grateful for what I had. Grandmothers and a mama who loved to make wonderful food to fill our tummies. Special dishes made for holidays. If I didn’t show my gratitude then, I sure hope it is recognized now. Because it is a blessing to have

How to Make Nana’s Apple Pie and See the World

How to Make Nana's Apple Pie and See the World

There are plenty of different apple pie versions out there but this is my mama’s recipe. The one that she wrote in the red and white checked I’m Writing My Own Cookbook. A store-bought pie crust or mix-it-in-the-pan crust make this as easy as Fudge Pie. But, if you make an apple pie… …it just might get eaten so quickly it’s hard to get a

Mamaw’s Cheese Salmon Loaf


I remember having salmon loaf growing up. I don’t think I realized then that it was my grandmother’s recipe. I surely didn’t know just how frugal the recipe is. And it wasn’t until I served it to my own family that I found out what a hit it would be. I expected them to make faces. Flipping through the red and white checked I’m Writing