A Month of Cooking Fun


Keeping up the Friday habit of sharing a helpful habit. Today, Cooking Fun! What is cooking fun? It’s simply the habit of letting the children have fun making something easy in the kitchen. We keep a Cook Box stocked with simple cake mixes and ingredients to make it even easier. Since we are eating out of the pantry and freezer again, rather than share a

The Sunbutter® box boy


Every month we order Sunbutter and we are always VERY Excited to get our order!!! Especially youngest boy! He is always excited because he loves Sunbutter AND he loves rolling his cars on the box the Sunbutter comes in! And, we have Sunbutter sandwiches. I made them for lunch today. I even made Youngest Boy a tire-shaped sandwich! I used this tool my mom has

Lemonade Pie: Cooking Fun!


My Nana and I made lemonade pie for Mother’s Day! I got to pour it all into the pie shells. We made two. They tasted DELICIOUS!!!!! You can make them too! Here is the recipe: can of frozen pink lemonade (or limemade or regular lemonade, whatever you like) cool whip (the big, one pound container) store-bought graham cracker crust Let frozen lemonade and container of