Sandpiper Shore Bird: A Chalk Pastel Tutorial


On a lazy afternoon at the beach the children and I decided to draw a sandpiper – after seeing these fast and delightful birds all morning swooping down and racing the waves. We assembled our limited color palette of pastels. We just couldn’t pack everything! I drew a large bird shape on a piece of […]

James Barrie – Peter Pan Art Lesson


Author Sir James Matthew Barrie: Born May 9, 1860 Peter Pan is one of our all-time favorite books, movies, plays. My eldest girl played a lost boy in our homeschool drama troupe’s production of Peter Pan. Nana painted Peter Pan and Tinkerbell on the wall of her room. So, a mini unit study of James […]

10 Easter and Spring Arts and Crafts

Easy Art Projects for Spring at

Sharing arts and crafts to compliment all things spring! Bird’s Nest: A Pastels Tutorial Tornado: A Pastels Tutorial Handprint Easter Lamb Three Little Chicks: A Pastels Tutorial   Bubbles: A Pastels Tutorial Queen Anne’s Lace: A Pastels Tutorial Wedding Shower Paper Chain Book Lover Wreath (Wreath made from paperback books) Decorate a Trash Can with […]

Dr. Seuss Acrylic Art

Dr. Seuss Acrylic Art Tutorials

We’re teaming up with a great bunch of bloggers to celebrate Seuss! Be sure to stop by and visit seven others for more inspiration… You can paint with a brush using colors like blue You simply must I can paint – how about you? In celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday and all the fun his books […]

Acrylics Plus Links to Tutorials

Acrylics Plus Free Tutorials at Hodgepodge

Please scroll down for a list of printable lessons… I thought that we could take a break from our wonderful pastel lessons and go explore a new medium…acrylic paint!  I have painted with acrylics for many years…using them to paint wall murals, tee-shirts…the paint is a very forgiving medium.  You can make a small investment […]

Cupcake: Acrylic Paint Tutorial

cupcake acrylic tutorial

This lesson is narrated by Middle Girl. Both Nana and Middle Girl took the photos for this tutorial… This is a little different from our usual chalk pastels!  Last weekend Nana surprised my younger sister and I with an acrylic paint lesson!  She spent a little time explaining to us about the paints, brushes and […]

Butterfly: A Pastels Tutorial + Monarch DVD Review


Today’s chalk pastel tutorial is in honor of a wonderful, new resource! Our friends at Crowe’s Nest Media have produced an education and beautifully God-glorifying DVD. Your Backyard: The Life and Journey of the Amazing Monarch Butterfly. You will want to click over to The Curriculum Choice for my review and enter to win a […]

Chickadee: A Chalk Pastels Tutorial

Chickadee Chalk Pastel Tutorial at Hodgepodge

Chickadees are a frequent visitor to our backyard feeder. Photo of a favorite Christmas card We love their little black caps – though our southern variety is the carolina chickadee. The two are very similar, as you’ll notice below. So, upon request, Nana taught us a chickadee pastel lesson. Thank you, Nana! We pulled out […]

Christmas Tree in Snow: A Pastels Tutorial

Christmas Tree in Snow Chalk Pastel Tutorial at Hodgepodge

We had just finished up making some Christmas mixes when Nana offered a pastel lesson. As in other lessons, she sketched off the steps for the children to follow. Just six simple steps, starting with the colors above… You may want to turn your paper so it is vertical to have more room for a […]

Tree Silhouette: A Pastels Tutorial

Tree Silouhette Chalk Pastel Tutorial

We were admiring the maple tree in the backyard… …noticing how beautiful the yellow leaves were against the gray sky. Nana said she could show us how to capture the beauty of the tree in chalk pastels. Using an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper, we drew the line for the ground about 3/4 […]

Mug of Hot Chocolate: A Pastels Tutorial

Mug of Hot Chocolate Chalk Pastel Tutorial at Hodgepodge

When I shared the Sketch Tuesday topic, ‘something you drink’, with Nana she decided we should make a mug of hot chocolate with pastels! She didn’t even know we’d planned to stir up our own hot chocolate mix. Nana prepared before we called the children in. She sketched the steps and pulled the sticks of […]

Medieval Castle: A Pastels Tutorial


Inspired by our current Tapestry of Grace studies, Nana taught us how to create castles with pastels! Gather your castle battalion of colors. Black, gray, green, light blue, brown and pink. Then, using your black, draw a simple, glass shape. This is the main structure of your castle. Next, add the ‘teeth’ on the castle […]