10 Flower and Fruit Chalk Pastel Tutorials

flower pastel tutorials

With all things blooming and growing, I thought it appropriate to share some beautiful chalk pastel tutorials of flowers and fruit. 1. Sunflowers | 2. Queen Anne’s Lace | 3. Hydrangea | 4. Lily Pad flower 1. Banana | 2. Fruit Bowl | 3. Strawberry | 4. Blueberry Plus, summer wouldn’t be complete without watermelon and… Tomato! Unless, of course, you prefer fried green tomatoes 

Path to the Beach: A Pastels Tutorial

Path to the Beach - A Chalk Pastels Tutorial

The very first time Nana taught us a pastel lesson was a little over two years ago, in February 2010. That day, we created one of our favorite subjects: the beach! Funny thing was, she was snowed in at our house. Inches of snow were piled up outside. But inside, we created puffy clouds, an ocean view and a path to that beach… Nana brought

All Blue: A Chalk Pastels Tutorial

All Blue Ocean Chalk Pastel

Stay tuned tomorrow for a really fun giveaway involving sea creatures! Nana has been excited about sharing a different type of chalk pastel. A lesson all one color – shades of blue! First, we all looked at the many shades of blue and chose colors. We listened to instructions. And we began with the top of the water (Nana helped Lil’ Buddy with his). Remember

Fireplace: A Pastels Tutorial

Fireplace Chalk Pastel Tutorial at Hodgepodge

A cozy kind of art lesson from Nana! It has been most wintry in our southern part of the country these days. So we appreciated the toasty feel of this chalk pastel. First, gather your supplies, along with your colors. Nana sketched off the steps for us, as shown above. We discussed the look of brick. How the colors blend just a bit like the

Christmas Ornament: A Pastels Tutorial

Christmas Ornament Chalk Pastel Tutorial at Hodgepodge

This lesson is quick enough to enjoy this week before Christmas. A present to you from Nana and the Hodgepodge! Begin by choosing your favorite two ornaments. Place them on your table where you can get a good look while you use your pastels. Take your black pastel stick and draw the simple, ball shapes. We had our ornaments propped next to each other, one