Chipmunks and Squirrels Nature Study


Chipmunks and squirrels are pretty fast moving. However, we took a leisurely pace with this nature study, enjoying it here and there over the last couple of weeks. Mentioning it while we were outside. Being reminded of it when we saw a squirrel. Squirrels we know plenty about. They frequent our feeder and dart across […]

New Recipe Index and the Hodgepodge Family Cookbook


“Memories…the food of our childhood; food that meant love.” ~ Susan Branch I’d like to think that I grew up grateful for what I had. Grandmothers and a mama who loved to make wonderful food to fill our tummies. Special dishes made for holidays. If I didn’t show my gratitude then, I sure hope it […]

Mama Ann’s Morning Bars

Mama Ann's Black Raspberry Morning Bars Recipe

Morning bars are a family classic from my grandmother, Mama Ann. One of those recipes we’ve come to expect her to always have at her house. My children beg for morning bars. If I can’t make the bars right away then the children figure out some way to eat the black raspberry jelly on something. […]

Pimento Cheese: Allergy Friendly Living

allergy-friendly pimento cheese

I could not let the week pass without sharing the joy over Lil’ Buddy joining the pimento cheese fan club. Oh, Mama Ann’s pimento cheese! But…with the mayonnaise it requires, youngest boy could not eat it. Egg allergy and epipen. But, I remembered that Addapinch posted a pimento cheese recipe with cream cheese rather than […]

Playing in the Creek

muddy boots

“I’ve been thinking it’s time to let the children build a dam in the stream.” My grandmother’s voice is on the line. “Like the cousins used to do.” I thought of the heat, hundred degree temps and humidity. I thought of mosquitoes. And then I thought of the children’s love of stomping through Mama Ann’s […]

The Sweetness of Summer + Southern Sweet Tea Recipe


Mid-morning on Monday the 20th, Lil Buddy, sitting next to me, leans over and hugs me hard. Says, “you know what? I’m your best friend!” Is there anything else to say? I’d be happy with that. But besides this sweetness from the littlest there is the sweetness of summer. Watermelon. Ice cream. Iced coffee. Daylillies. […]

Mama Ann’s Sweet Tea


Mama Ann’s microwave recipe. Perfect every time! 2 family sized tea bags 2 cups water in a 2 cup, glass, Pyrex measuring cup approx. one cup sugar lemon to taste 2.5 qt pitcher Remove tags from tea bags so the metal won’t spark in the microwave. The staples that hold the bag together at the […]

I’m Writing My Own Cookbook – A Scrapbook of Recipes


I’m making it a habit to publish at least one recipe from this red and white checked cookbook each week. Today, an updated post from the archives that tells the story of the Hodgepodge Cookbook… It’s a recipe book that spans a century. It’s a snapshot of celebrations past. In this cookbook my mother writes: […]