Simple, Frugal Ways to Celebrate an Anniversary

blue hydrangea

This past weekend Hodgepodgedad and I celebrated 17 years of marriage! It was a simple celebration spanning a few days. Because celebrating need not be elaborate and doesn’t have to break the bank. Picnic at the Park. Friday night we went through the Chick-fil-a and the Starbucks drive-thrus. We took our picnic of chicken cool wraps and iced coffees to a local park. The park



As I make the bed the morning of our anniversary, I pause to look at the photos. One wedding picture above each nightstand. Later in the day, I slow and look at the photos around the house. The children ask about our wedding day. We sit and we flip through the album, me remembering and telling the stories. Yes, your Daddy did wear a Jiminy

Q is for Quiet Path


Back last June, on our anniversary weekend, my husband and I took a walk down this quiet path. The weekend of the 48 hour house swap. The weekend we celebrated 15 years. My entry in the Homeschool Post’s A B See Photo Meme. Other entries: A is for Angel B is for Brown-Headed Nuthatch C is for Crayon D is for Dough E is for

Birthday Tribute


A compiled tribute to Hodgepodgedad. From 2009…. (to the tune of If I only had a brain from Wizard of Oz) And He Has a Technical Brain On the computer he spends hours Musing on the state of a laptop or tower And acts like it’s a game He knows both PCs and Macs Computers are his knack …and he has a technical brain Lot

Window Love Letters


Here it is. The day after Valentine’s Day. Was it as you expected? Let me encourage you to look for the ways your spouse speaks love. If it’s not in chocolates and roses, it could be a unique love language. Today I’m sharing our love story. Stepping back in time then fast forwarding to present day… Hurrying out the door, late for work. The overnight