Kool-Aid Jammer Duct Tape Wallet

kool aid jammer wallet

Here’s how to make a Kool-Aid Jammer duct tape wallet: Save two Kool-Aid Jammer juice pouches. Rinse and dry them. Find a roll of patterned duct tape. Match two pouches of Kool-Aid jammers together. Duct tape them together, leaving one side open. You’re done!! Enjoy your wallet! Happy wallet, bracelet and bow making! I’ll be back with a Kool-Aid Jammer purse. ~The middle child of

Spring Discoveries in Our Backyard

spring flowers

I asked my mother if I could use her camera to take some pictures outside. This is what I found: Flowers Trees and Seeds Clouds and Sky Anoles Siblings I had a really fun time finding nature in our backyard. Thank you Handbook of Nature Study! See you next time!

Duct Tape Bow Tutorial

Image 2

Hello. Some of my mama’s friends on Facebook saw a picture of my big stack of duck tape. And they wondered what I did with all of it. So, today, I’m going to tell you what I do with it. And I’ll do it with a video tutorial. I make everything with the duck tape brand duct tape. Scroll down to see the video. You

Candy-labra: Candy Cane Candle Holder

Image 1

One Friday night, Nana and I made candy cane candlestick holders. She found this neat project on The Mother Huddle. What you will need: a pack of 20 candy canes hot glue gun (Nana did this part) ribbon candles First we hot glued the candy canes to a candle. Then we made sure they were on good. After that we tied a bow on it.

What is a Sea Turtle’s Life Cycle? – Fourth Grader


I wanted to learn more about sea turtles ever since we went to the beach. There was a sea turtle nest right in front of where we were staying. We thought it might even hatch while we were there but it didn’t. For my science project, I watched all kinds of awesome YouTube videos – like this one of a baby sea turtle hatching. I