For the Birds: Gift Idea

Gift Idea for Bird Lovers

from the 2010 archives…We spent an entire afternoon Saturday making treats for the birds – and the bird lovers we know. Nana came across a really neat recipe for birdseed wreaths. I was especially excited about it because it is peanut free for our crew. Just three ingredients! Gelatin, water and birdseed. We made ten, small, heart-shaped wreaths and two large tube pan wreaths. Place



My dad showed me a robotics website and he asked if I was interested, I said yes. Robotics is of course building the robot and programming it to do what you want it to do. Programming is fun because you get to enter a code telling the stamp (the robot’s brain) what to do. I found out in an article in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Homemade Suet


We are making some of this today, so I thought I’d post the recipe from our old site… We did a science project to see what the birds like best. We used this recipe. It is allergy safe with my little sister and brother around. You can also add some Sunbutter. Danny Lipford’s suet cake recipe 1 cup bird seed 1 cup lard 1 chopped

Beautiful Birds


Eldest Boy, a.k.a. My Backyard, has a passion for bird watching, is our resident bird feeder filler and is sharing our May bird study today. He wrote this up last week during our study… For our bird study, we picked the most interesting birds we’ve seen in our backyard lately. Brown Thrasher – The brown thrasher really likes it when we don’t mow the backyard

Enjoying Answers Magazine


Back when we were studying the solar system with Answers in Genesis: Our Universe, I read the Answers Magazine issue on Discovering a Young Universe. When I finished reading that one, it made me want to find all the other issues of Answers Magazines we have in our house. It’s a good sized stack. So far I have read and learned more about: the universe