Snowman Paints! Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial

Snowman Paints! Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial

It’s always fun to paint outside! And this snowman is doing just that. We love that this tutorial offers such a wonderful amount of space for individual creativity. Not only can you make the snowman just like you’d like him, you can design your background, plus – decide what your snowman will paint! Please enjoy this video Snowman Paints! Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial See how

Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue: Chalk Art Tutorial

Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial

In fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue… The Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria This tutorial is going to give you and your students the joy of an ocean voyage, complete with flapping canvas and great big waves!  As you know, Columbus Day is upon us, and we must celebrate his journey to our shores with a chalk pastel painting. A big thank you

Must Have Supplies for Chalk Pastel Art

Must Have Items for Chalk Pastel #Art + bonus tutorial

Nana shares a video of the very few, simple supplies for chalk pastel art! There aren’t many. Plus, don’t miss the bonus fall tree tutorial at the end of this short, less than three minute long video! –> Be sure to check out our A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels Art for All Ages bundle A note on chalk pastels: Pastels are an easy, forgiving

Train Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial

Train Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial at

Little Engine! This pastel is a MUCH-requested one from one of my youngest students.  He is a real fan of  The Little Engine that Could originally by author Watty Piper. You will need the following pastel colors: blue (of course!), yellow, black, brown, green, gray and white. We will start drawing a line with your blue pastel about 6-8 inches long and little more than

Seahorse Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial

Seahorse Chalk Pastel #Art Tutorial at

Have you followed Hodgepodge on Bloglovin? Follow with Bloglovin We begin today with an undersea ride on a seahorse! This is a fun pastel and you will need to gather together the following colors of pastel: a rusty color orange, yellow, black or dark brown for the seahorse, and your favorite colors for the sea around him: blues, aqua and green. Start by taking your