Last Days of Summer Nature Studies

Days of summer notebook page

We’ve so enjoyed this fun Last Days of Summer prompt from Handbook of Nature Study. We packed it on our beach trip. What better place to… Watch the sunrise and sunset – we did both at the beach for seven days straight! (Well, I did both. Many joined me for most). Watch the stars – […]

Lily Pad Pond


Oh WOW! It’s what we all said when we reached our destination for our monthly Creation Club. We’d heard from friends that this was a wonderful spot. But we didn’t expect the size. And practically all of our topics for August nature study, as suggested by Handbook of Nature Study, were right here. In one […]

Weekly Wrap: Nature and Encouragement


1. Even more snap circuits. | 2. Build your own sundae night (on Sunday night). | 3. Hostessing at the Heart of the Matter Conference. What a thrill to hostess Dr. Jay Wile and Terri Johnson! | 4. The silly boys that were behind the scenes (while three girls were off at Drama Troupe meeting […]

Fabulous Find of the Frog Kind


The unexpected nature studies just may be the finest kind. This morning was a regular sort of morning. The August mornings when we finish up the basics then head to the pool. Regular until Littlest Girl screamed, “there’s a frog swimming out of the filter!” Eldest boy carefully scooped it and let it dry itself […]

Outdoor Hour Challenges Review – Handbook of Nature Study


“Make this summer a time to learn a little something new about your world. Finding time for these challenges will help this summer be one that your child will not only learn something new but make special seasonal memories for a lifetime.” – Barbara McCoy Lightning bugs. Frogs. Raccoons. Owls. Mosquitoes. Ants. Trees. Weather. Even […]

Bees and buzzy insects


As I wiped the counter clean of drips from the breakfast dishes, I spied, through the kitchen window, a bumblebee buzzing the pink mimosa blossom. Then a butterfly at work on another. Yes, today was the day to learn more about what was buzzing around in our backyard. Before we went out, we peeked through […]

Summer Weather


“Those look like beach clouds.” We must have said that dozens of times this summer. We remember from past beach trips that clouds like the ones above usually mean afternoon thunderstorms. On this day of beach clouds, we decided to purposefully notice clouds, weather, temperatures and wind. We listened to the distant then close thunder, […]

Baby squirrel or is it?


Sharing a summary of some exciting backyard finds! Our youngest boy found the little creature pictured above as he was going down the slide and screamed! I was alerted when youngest girl ran inside to tell me they’d found a chipmunk – to hurry and come take a picture. Gathered around, we thought that maybe […]

For the Love of Squash: Our Crop Plant Study


I developed the taste for squash quite a while ago. Squash casseroles being a summer mainstay here in the south. I remember sitting at my grandparents’ table. A plate laden with summer vegetable from Pawpaw’s garden. He had rows and rows of vegetables and two, large gardens. I thought his mechanical pea sheller was the […]

The Spring Time Hunt for Queen Anne’s Lace


(Photo of Queen Anne’s lace full of seeds at summer’s end in September). Back last summer we had a time hunting for Queen Anne’s Lace. We went to north Georgia looking, found it on the roadsides but couldn’t find a safe spot to pull over. Then, on a regular walk up my childhood road, we […]

Early Spring Flowers


Spring flowers are in abundance now. All around the yard, in a glass in the middle of kitchen table and lining the roadsides. Those brilliant yellows, oranges and whites are highlighted by spring blue sky or are freshly washed after rain. Sometimes, they are offered up to me by little hands. “The best things are […]

A Glorious Morning


Often times while our two eldest girls enjoy Drama Troupe, the rest of us troop over to Mama Ann’s for a visit. We are already out and half way there. So the van just somehow finds its way. Mama Ann’s is a magical place for me. See, she’s my grandmother. I house many a childhood […]