How to Frame Your Days with Nature Study

How to Frame Your Days with Nature Study at Hodgepodge

Small spurts of outdoor time frame our days. It’s simple and works for us. “I just need to go outside and swing for a few minutes before I start my math.” “I finished my math, can I go outside for a few minutes?” If we notice something, we pause to take a look… “Oh, there’s […]

Simple Summer Nature Study

dandelion bouquet

“Happiness is a quiet, perpetual rejoicing in small events.” ~ author unknown We’re putting the pause button on summer. One of the ways we are hanging on to summer is to savor nature. Gathering flowers from the yard and making arrangements. I’ve been using my phone camera to capture blooms when we venture outside into […]

Robin: A Pastels Tutorial


This tutorial is hosted by me and the children. A direct result of the confidence we’ve built in following Nana’s instructions. See, we pulled out the chalk pastels during a nature study as we often do. And we sketched robins to compliment our studies. Here is what we did. We watched robins in the backyard. […]

Good Friday Garden and Choosing a Tree


Both my grandfathers planted their gardens on Good Friday. We’ve adopted this tradition as well. And while it’s a good practice to wait until Good Friday because all danger of frost has past, we’ve discovered another significance. We talk about Easter. We pour that fresh soil into a flower bed. And a little finger makes […]

The Gift of Nature Study

redbud blossoms

It’s virtually impossible not to notice the beauty of spring. Early flowers push up through the chilly earth and cheer us in February. By March, in our part of the country, trees are flowering too: white blossoms on ornamental pears, buds promising green leaves and the pretty pink of our red bud. But when you […]

Spring Discoveries in Our Backyard

spring flowers

I asked my mother if I could use her camera to take some pictures outside. This is what I found: Flowers Trees and Seeds Clouds and Sky Anoles Siblings I had a really fun time finding nature in our backyard. Thank you Handbook of Nature Study! See you next time!

Twigs Nature Study


dew on backyard maple At daybreak, I’m switching the clothes from the washer to the dryer when she comes, all excited. “Mama, have you seen the fog? The dew is glistening on the birch tree. It’s beautiful!” Nature study in the early morning. Right after breakfast. The two of us! We step outside into the […]

November World


Our November nature study grid has enjoyed a special spot on the chalkboard above the kitchen table. It’s easy to glance up then turn and take notice of our November world. One of the nature suggestions was to take a walk in the rain. So, one wet Wednesday we did just that. The Wednesday the […]

Review Week + Hodgepodge Helpful Habit


1. Fun Sunday afternoon trip to Michael’s with Eldest Girl included duck tape and then Starbucks | 2. Shark Birthday Girl | 3. Sunny SunButter picnic | 4. Reading Homeschooling Gifted and Advanced Learners – review soon! | 5. AiG Human Body unit study¬† Nutrition, vitamins, minerals and circulation this week | 6. Learning scientific […]

Up-Close Leaf Study


Our leaf studies started when the first leaves started to change. We enjoyed the fall colors with a local trip to Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park. We’ve awed each week at the maple at church, watching it turn every beautiful shade from green to yellow to red. Last Saturday, we traveled to the next state over […]

More Spider Web Studies and the Shirt to Prove It


Friday, right before lunch, he calls from the treehouse again. “Come see! Come see! It’s a spider web!” Lil’ Buddy alerts us that the spider moved its web to the top of the slide. I come with my camera and join the gathering. We are struck by the beauty of the web. We just sit […]

Summer nature walks and discoveries


Besides our August pond studies with the Handbook of Nature Study, we’ve also enjoyed some nature walks and other discoveries. Early in the month we played in Mama Ann’s stream, which is always fun. We’ll get to do that another day this week! One morning last week we met our friend, Angie @ The One […]