Chalk Pastel Box: A Tutorial

Chalk Pastel Box Art Tutorial at Hodgepodge

Nana thought it would be fun to make our pastel box. And that it surely was. But most of all – colorful! Little Buddy joined in first. He made his own creation while Nana sketched off the chalk pastel box. He narrated his artwork as he went along, saying it is a sun glob. Then he was off to play with trains and cars. The

Pete the Cat Chalk Pastel Fun

Pete the Cat Chalk Pastel Art

We had so much fun creating artwork with one of our favorite children’s books, My Blue Boat, we thought we’d continue on with Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes! Pete the Cat is a repeated bedtime reading – especially with our younger two. Because… I love my white shoes, I love my white shoes… “Oh no! Pete stepped in a big pile of

10 Flower and Fruit Chalk Pastel Tutorials

flower pastel tutorials

With all things blooming and growing, I thought it appropriate to share some beautiful chalk pastel tutorials of flowers and fruit. 1. Sunflowers | 2. Queen Anne’s Lace | 3. Hydrangea | 4. Lily Pad flower 1. Banana | 2. Fruit Bowl | 3. Strawberry | 4. Blueberry Plus, summer wouldn’t be complete without watermelon and… Tomato! Unless, of course, you prefer fried green tomatoes 

10 Creative Summer and Beach Art Projects

10 Creative Summer Art and Beach Projects at

With only a few school things to tie up, my thoughts turn to summer. Projects you can enjoy at home or the seashore! The Art of the Drip Castle – How to Make a Drip Sand Castle. Maybe the backyard sandbox? How to Make a Homemade Handprint Crab T-Shirt Beach Umbrellas Chalk Pastel Tutorial At The Beach Pastel Tutorial Path to the Beach Pastel Tutorial

Teaching Art With Multiple Ages

Teaching Art with Multiple Ages - My Blue Boat FIAR

My Blue Boat: A Pastels Tutorial The joy of art. We are blessed that way. See, for over two years now Nana has taught the children chalk pastel lessons on a variety of subjects. She teaches all the children at once – multiple ages. And I join in now and then too! How about you? Won’t you join us? Consider this your personal invitation! Let