Easter Crown of Thorns Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial

Easter Crown of Thorns Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial www.hodgepodge.me

This pastel of Christ’s crown of thorns is a personal favorite of mine as we enter the Easter season. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.  Isaiah 53:5 NIV Colors Needed: The pastels […]

iPastels App Review and More Art Apps

iPastels App Review + Other Art Apps

Chalk pastels are “blessedly messy,” as Nana says. Yet we’ve found a way to avoid the mess and enjoy pastels – even on the go! We discovered the iPastels iPad app from Norbyte. Of course this app isn’t exactly like holding a piece of soft chalk in your hand. But it does offer a close […]

Pumpkin Craft, Art and Recipes

Pumpkin Craft, Art & Recipes at Hodgepodge

We absolutely love this duct tape pumpkin my Aunt Patti made! It is a store bought, plastic pumpkin decorated with patterned duct tape. She topped it with wire ribbon. SO cute! Instructions found via Pinterest at Love & Sugar Kisses. You know Middle Girl has this in mind for her next duct tape project (more […]

10 Creative Summer and Beach Art Projects

10 Creative Summer Art and Beach Projects at www.hodgepodge.me

With only a few school things to tie up, my thoughts turn to summer. Projects you can enjoy at home or the seashore! The Art of the Drip Castle – How to Make a Drip Sand Castle. Maybe the backyard sandbox? How to Make a Homemade Handprint Crab T-Shirt Beach Umbrellas Chalk Pastel Tutorial At […]

Teaching Art With Multiple Ages

Teaching Art with Multiple Ages - My Blue Boat FIAR

My Blue Boat: A Pastels Tutorial The joy of art. We are blessed that way. See, for over two years now Nana has taught the children chalk pastel lessons on a variety of subjects. She teaches all the children at once – multiple ages. And I join in now and then too! How about you? […]

Robin: A Pastels Tutorial


This tutorial is hosted by me and the children. A direct result of the confidence we’ve built in following Nana’s instructions. See, we pulled out the chalk pastels during a nature study as we often do. And we sketched robins to compliment our studies. Here is what we did. We watched robins in the backyard. […]

Soft Chalk Pastels: Storage and Cleaning


If you or your students are serious about continuing to work with pastels, it makes sense to protect the pastel sticks with storage. This week I decided that the children needed a nicer storage box for their pastels. I have a three-drawer wooden box that will hold about 50-75 sticks of soft and hard pastels. […]

Path to the Beach: A Pastels Tutorial

Path to the Beach - A Chalk Pastels Tutorial

The very first time Nana taught us a pastel lesson was a little over two years ago, in February 2010. That day, we created one of our favorite subjects: the beach! Funny thing was, she was snowed in at our house. Inches of snow were piled up outside. But inside, we created puffy clouds, an […]

Fireplace: A Pastels Tutorial

Fireplace Chalk Pastel Tutorial at Hodgepodge

A cozy kind of art lesson from Nana! It has been most wintry in our southern part of the country these days. So we appreciated the toasty feel of this chalk pastel. First, gather your supplies, along with your colors. Nana sketched off the steps for us, as shown above. We discussed the look of […]

Master Artist


When there is someone with amazing talent in your midst, you can’t help but share. Maybe since I’ve grown up with her paintings, her artistic touches, I might have taken her gifts for granted. These gifts she has. Being able to look at something and copy it with her artist’s eye. To see it and […]

Chickadee: A Chalk Pastels Tutorial

Chickadee Chalk Pastel Tutorial at Hodgepodge

Chickadees are a frequent visitor to our backyard feeder. Photo of a favorite Christmas card We love their little black caps – though our southern variety is the carolina chickadee. The two are very similar, as you’ll notice below. So, upon request, Nana taught us a chickadee pastel lesson. Thank you, Nana! We pulled out […]

Christmas Ornament: A Pastels Tutorial

Christmas Ornament Chalk Pastel Tutorial at Hodgepodge

This lesson is quick enough to enjoy this week before Christmas. A present to you from Nana and the Hodgepodge! Begin by choosing your favorite two ornaments. Place them on your table where you can get a good look while you use your pastels. Take your black pastel stick and draw the simple, ball shapes. […]