Helpful Habit: When do you write?


In the shower. While I’m driving. Late at night. At the crack of dawn. During afternoon quiet time. On a family walk. In batches on a Saturday morning. A Hodgepodge of writing? With a busy, homeschooling household there really are no long, quiet stretches of writing time. I have to carve them out. Or snatch them now and then. I have to make the time

Favorite Photo of 2011

mountain coffee mug

Picking a favorite photo from the whole year was no easy task I tell ya. There were scads from the beach. Happy, homeschool photos of siblings reading to each other. The true smile of my eldest son – frequent but so very hard to capture with the camera. The one of my youngest girl, on her birthday, arms outstretched in front of the aquarium glass

Christmas Tree in Snow: A Pastels Tutorial

Christmas Tree in Snow Chalk Pastel Tutorial at Hodgepodge

We had just finished up making some Christmas mixes when Nana offered a pastel lesson. As in other lessons, she sketched off the steps for the children to follow. Just six simple steps, starting with the colors above… You may want to turn your paper so it is vertical to have more room for a tall tree. Then get your green and start on those

Leaf: A Pastels Tutorial

Leaf Chalk Pastel Tutorial

This lesson is ablaze with fall colors! We just couldn’t help it. The leaves are just glorious and we had to make a pastel version of the outdoor oranges. And would you believe? Pink? This tutorial is short enough to finish in five minutes. Even two-year-old Lil’ Buddy joined in for a few swipes. Nana drew the first three steps on the chalkboard. And the

Aleida’s Challenge: Photos of You with Your Children


While we were at the beach I got photos of each of the children with Hodgepodgedad. What fun he is! “Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.” ~ Ansel Adams (from Eldest Girl’s Digital Photography study) I’d meant to do the same with me while we were at the seaside. But we were just having too