Homeschool Planning at Hodgepodge

Homeschool Planning and Goal Setting

A round up of all my posts on homeschool planning here at Hodgepodge! First off, I do plan our homeschool year in rough form. I explain that time in detail in my Annual Planning and Goal Setting habit. But I honestly do not plan our year weekly. I: look at our resources, gather what we […]

A Clean Slate – Planning and Dreaming for the New Year

A New Slate - Planning and Dreaming for the New Year

In my time with family over Christmas and in these days leading up to the new year, I have been reflecting. Reflecting on God’s goodness. His constant provision. His direction and love over our family, our homeschool. We sat down as a family this past weekend. We dreamed, we planned, we talked. Some specific goals, […]

Prep for a New Homeschool Semester

New Homeschool Semester Plans at Hodgepodge

Remember I mentioned that I’ve been planning here and there over Christmas break? Just 15 minutes to half an hour a morning for each child. Then the rest of the day with family and a Hodgepodge of other things. This magazine rack type shelf over the family room couch is very handy. I decided that […]

How to Plan Simple Afternoon Art Projects

How to Plan Simple Afternoon Art Projects

Simple afternoon art projects? Just getting through a school day can be overwhelming. And here I am sharing about art projects? Well, rest assured I entitled this planning post Simple Afternoon Art Projects for practical purposes. Because I know. I know about trying to be a fun mom and wanting to give my children opportunity […]

Return of the Routine: Feeding the Family

Return of the Routine - Feeding the Family

So we have rested and we have planned. But wait just one minute. We need fuel! And by that I mean food. If ever I was discouraged by something at the end of a long day of back-to-school, it was wrestling up something to eat. What to feed the masses after working so hard at […]

Return of the Routine: Planning and Prep

Return of the Routine - Planning & Prep

Welcome back to Return of the Routine. Did you allow yourself some rest? Well today, while we are still resting, we are going to plan. Because every big game needs a plan. And we can be excited about the possibilities of the new year! Now I am not going to tell you how to plan. […]

Mama on Vacation: Planning and Goal Setting


In repentance and rest you will be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength… Isaiah 30:15 As mothers we sometimes live in the urgent. This hungry child, that weepy one, another needing a push on the swing… However, it’s beneficial to step out of the urgent into the quiet, out of our regular spot […]

Tapestry of Grace for The Teacher


Last summer I hosted a Tapestry Tea in my home. Now that this school year is winding up this is the question I am getting… But I feel overwhelmed by Tapestry of Grace. How do I make it work? Never have we ever done all of the subjects each week. Tapestry is truly a smorgasbord. […]

When do you plan for school and how long does it take?

When Do You Plan for Homeschool? How Long Does it Take?

Continuing the habit of sharing a helpful habit on Fridays, today I’m answering a friend’s question: When do you plan for school and how long does it take? For several years now I have looked forward to annual planning and goal setting – on vacation over the summer. I do this while watching the sunrise, […]

Heart of the Matter July Digital Magazine


Get your copy by clicking the magazine photo below. Encouraging articles on back-to-school, making the most of field trips, homeschooling high school, autumn unit studies and even a bread baking class! My article on Annual Planning and Goal Setting is on page 38!   Open publication – Free publishing – More child   View past […]

What About the Little Ones? Planning for a New Preschool Year

Preschool at Home

Keeping the habit of sharing a helpful habit on Fridays… I’m coming off of a weekend attending our state homeschool convention. I spent a good deal of time planning, researching and seeking out the tools I’ll need to teach my older children. But here comes the question I get most often. What about the little […]

Helpful Habit – Preparing for a new school year


Keeping the habit of sharing a helpful habit on Fridays… That title might make you cringe or it may make you curious. Really, this post is somewhat selfish on my part. See, I need the motivation. Preparing for a new school year is not really something I’m ready to tackle. Yes, I’ve been to a […]