Homeschooling Multiple Ages: Curriculum Choices

Hodgepodge #Homeschool Curricula for Multiple Ages

This last week I’ve shared our curriculum choices for 2013-2014 from kindergarten to high school. If you missed any of our individual plans, you can find a list at the bottom of this post. Because of that age range, we do many of our subjects and learning all together. Layers and levels  – lasagna learning. Hodgepodge Homeschool – Multiple Ages Rest assured I am still

Homeschool Kindergarten: Curriculum Choices

Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Choices at Hodgepodge

Over the next week I am sharing our curriculum choices for 2013-2014. Rest assured I am still in the planning stages, but we pretty much have a handle on what resources we’ll be using – based on experience. My littlest guy is officially a kindergartener now! (Pause for reflection and a sweet sigh of savoring). Hodgepodge Homeschool Kindergarten ~this post contains affiliate links~ Rod and

I Can’t Homeschool Because of the Little Ones

How to Homeschool Preschoolers at Hodgepodge

” So, when are you going to enroll her in mother’s morning out?” That’s the question I heard most often when our eldest was just a little more than a year old. It’s also the question the Lord used to work on my heart about homeschooling. Before I go any further, I am here to share the how tos of homeschooling with little ones. I

Preschool and First Grade at Hodgepodge

Preschool and First Grade at Hodgepodge

We are homeschooling the stretch of ages this year – preschool, elementary, middle school and high school. I shared a couple of weeks ago an update on homeschooling high school. Today I’m highlighting the little ones – our preschooler and first grader. Here we are half way through the year. Here we are in February and that makes me want to cling to the next

Our Preschool Favorites Plus Election Study Resources for Multiple Ages

Hodgepodge of Homeschool Resources for Multiple Ages

Today I share with you, in the grand tradition of a hodgepodge, several resources. Some for preschool, some that span the multiple ages. I’ll start with the little ones. Rod and Staff Preschool Activity Books are full of fond memories for this Mama! This wonderful set is one of the resources we started homeschooling my eldest with about a dozen years ago. Preschool Favorites This