Southern Shrimp Salad


It was almost biblical…six or eight cold boiled shrimp left from a feast at supper the night before. A hungry horde to feed, a 5:00 dinner challenge… A wonderful, very easy recipe was given to us by true south Georgian gentleman…a sort of “five fishes” type for limited leftovers.  It was his late mother’s concoction and promised to be delicious… Southern Shrimp Salad Ingredients Leftover

12 Easy Summer Recipes

edible sand

Edible Sand via Household Ways Yoo Hoo Ice Cream by Southern Plate Shrimp Salad Easy Cucumber Salad Cucumber and Vinegar Salad Veggie Plate Avocado Egg Salad Guacamole Hummus Spinach & Fruit Salad Cookies & Cream Meal Plan: Just a Sandwich (whole lot of recipes!) My Egg-Free Tuna Salad (not made with mayo!) recipe at Food Allergies on a Budget.  

10 Easter and Spring Desserts


Sharing my top ten favorites for this time of year. For Easter, a bridal luncheon or baby shower, Mother’s Day. There’s so much to celebrate… Aunt Kathy’s Lime Cake – for every spring celebration! Grandma’s Glazed Strawberries and Bananas – so easy! Nana’s Coconut Cake – an Easter tradition. Sunflower Peeps Cake – fun for spring or summer. Frozen Fruit Salad and the Story of

Nana’s Corn Salad Recipe: Fast Food for Slow Sundays


Nana fed this to us back over the Christmas holidays. It was so different – and delicious. And it had Fritos in it! Definitely an easy Fast Food for Slow Sundays addition. Either as a side dish or the main course! I hear it is adapted from a Paula Deen corn salad recipe.  Corn Salad Ingredients 2 cans whole kernel corn, drained 2 cups grated

Shrimp Salad


We enjoyed fresh, boiled shrimp at the beach last week. Believe it or not, we had some left over. So, we threw together a shrimp salad. No certain amounts but just a few key ingredients. : Shrimp Salad leftover, boiled shrimp chopped pickle mayo, approximately 2 tablespoons. Old Bay Seasoning, to taste. Peel and chop shrimp. Chop pickles into very small pieces. Add about 2