Homeschool Makeover: School Books on the Mantel

homeschool books on the mantel

Sometimes rearranging refreshes learning. Sometimes it also helps remedy the winter blahs. Me? I like to rearrange furniture. Especially in the dead of winter. But this idea took me a while. It took giving myself permission. See, I thought a mantel was supposed to look a certain way. A touch of formality. But when the library books for our studies overflowed the library cubby –

Red Wall School Room


It’s a one year anniversary of a new red wall in the Hodgepodge learning room. This is what we were doing this time last year… Yes, while we are taking a week off, we are alternating a bit of having fun and getting stuff done. A field trip, paint a wall. Family walk, paint a wall. Nature study, bake a cake The Hodgepodge classroom has

Helpful Habit – Preparing for a new school year


Keeping the habit of sharing a helpful habit on Fridays… That title might make you cringe or it may make you curious. Really, this post is somewhat selfish on my part. See, I need the motivation. Preparing for a new school year is not really something I’m ready to tackle. Yes, I’ve been to a homeschool convention, I’ve picked out curriculum, I have in mind


VBS has been really fun so far! I am teaching one-year-olds. Since I am a teacher this year, I get some of the teacher food, which is really good stuff like nachos and sugar cookies. I also like taking them on the playground, which we do two times. The second time we go when the 2nd graders are in crafts, and we usually go to