Science Project: How Do You Make An iPad App?


Lately, I’ve spent time with my Dad learning how to use software to make iPad and iPhone apps. I’m learning a lot. So, when it was time to decide a science fair topic, why not do this? First, I decided I’d make a display of an iPad for my board. I made that out of black poster board and tin foil. Then I researched. My

How Are the Human Eye and a Camera Lens Different? – 8th Grader


For my board I compared the camera to the human eye. I chose that topic because the eye was something I was already studying in anatomy and I love photography. I made a diagram of the camera, and one of the human eye. I also compared the differences and similarities of the two. One of the similarities is that they both have a lens, the

What is a Sea Turtle’s Life Cycle? – Fourth Grader


I wanted to learn more about sea turtles ever since we went to the beach. There was a sea turtle nest right in front of where we were staying. We thought it might even hatch while we were there but it didn’t. For my science project, I watched all kinds of awesome YouTube videos – like this one of a baby sea turtle hatching. I

Science Fair and Art Show Results – Kindergartener


Four Science Projects to compliment our studies. As we started into working on each of these projects I suggested to the children that they not only pick something they were particularly interested in but also something that would help them dig deeper into something we were already studying. Over the next week, here on Hodgepodge, each of the children will be sharing about their science

Fantastic Fair Finale and Spread of Science Projects


We started our week off with the winning news of state fair entries! When we went to pick up our art entries we found the girls’ flower entries had been awarded top prizes. Littlest girl’s rose won a blue ribbon. And Middle Girl’s hydrangea won a blue ribbon, the overall youth award and Best of Show! Wow. As you can tell from the photo, we