Reindeer Mix a.k.a. White Christmas Snack

White Christmas Snack Recipe at Hodgepodge

Always a holiday favorite is Reindeer Mix, a.k.a. White Christmas Snack. It’s an easy solution for parties, teacher or neighbor gifts or a nice little something to tuck in the mailbox for your mail carrier. It’s very simple. You might even have the ingredients on hand. Just melt the white chocolate bark and pour it […]

Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins


I’ve seen this all over Pinterest lately but Nana was making these years ago! And her recipe calls for chocolate chips! Two ingredients. (Three if you add chocolate chips). Egg free for Lil’ Buddy. Can surely count as Cooking Fun! It’s great to keep these ingredients in the Cook Box. : Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pumpkin […]

Chocolate SunButter Rice Krispy Treats


A while back, there was a little bakery that sold peanut butter Rice Krispy treats. Now just that is a treat itself. Even at $1 a piece. The topper was – those krispy treats were topped with chocolate! So, the children and I set out to recreate this specialty with our favorite SunButter. We simply […]

Savings with Homemade Hummus at $5 Dinners


Raise your hand if you love hummus. Yes, yes, lots of folks out there. Me too! Ok. How many of you pay big bucks for one of those tiny tubs of hummus at the store? A few, yes. How many have this little problem of keeping food and snacks stocked in your house? Me too! […]

Mama Ann’s Morning Bars

Mama Ann's Black Raspberry Morning Bars Recipe

Morning bars are a family classic from my grandmother, Mama Ann. One of those recipes we’ve come to expect her to always have at her house. My children beg for morning bars. If I can’t make the bars right away then the children figure out some way to eat the black raspberry jelly on something. […]

Nana’s Homemade Hummus

Nana's Homemade Hummus Recipe - the Frugal Way at

Folks, hummus is awfully expensive ready-made in grocery stores but it is easy to make yourself, inexpensive, and good for you! : Nana’s Homemade Hummus Ingredients: One 16 oz. can of chick peas (or you can get a bag of dried chickpeas MUCH cheaper; follow the directions on the bag and you will have enough […]

Melted Cheese


I learned how to eat this yummy snack when I couldn’t eat wheat. I’m glad I can have gluten now. But I still LOVE this! Nana said she used to have it for breakfast when she was a little girl. I eat it for breakfast sometimes. But mostly for an afternoon snack. : Melted Cheese […]

Southern Cheese Straws Recipe

Cheese straws

My cousin, Jessica, made these delicious cheese straws for our cousin’s Bridesmaids Luncheon. Cheese straws are a simple pleasure, come in all sorts of shapes and designs and are a tradition in the south. What would a ladies luncheon be without cheese straws? Jessica shares her recipe: : Cheese Straws 2 sticks butter, softened 16oz […]

Cooking Fun: Two Ingredient Lemon Bars


Lemon Bars by five-year-old! Nana came across this simple and delicious recipe from Practically Living. A boxed cake mix and a can of lemon pie filling? Practical to keep on hand for the Cook Box! Get your chef hat if you’d like. Great for stirring action! (Thank you, Nana). Bake in a 9×13 pan. Dust […]

Cinnamon Toast – it’s not just for breakfast anymore

cinnamon toast

Who doesn’t love cinnamon toast? Especially children. So it was a big ‘duh’ moment for me when I read Hillbilly Housewife’s $45 Emergency Menu a while back. She suggests cinnamon toast for snacks – for children and adults alike! If you think that’s a smart money saver too, click over and check out her: $45 […]

Hodgepodge Recipes 2008-2010


A quick reference list of recipes from 2008-2010. Apple Pie by Nana Asparagus Casserole by Grandpa Aunt Joy’s Fudge Artichoke Dip Banana Pudding, guest post by Nana Beans and rice Beans, Garden fresh in microwave Beef Barley Soup Bread, Homemade in 10 minutes Breakfast Casserole w/ Crock Pot Grits Brittney’s Biscuits Butter Rolls, by Southern […]