St. Patrick’s Day and Spring at The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party

St. Patrick's Day & Spring at The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party

Welcome to the Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party! This week we are featuring pins for St. Patrick’s Day and spring learning and more. Enjoy, and please do stop back by each week! —> Follow my Easter/Spring Pinterest Board! I have the privilege of co-hosting the Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party each week with these wonderful ladies: Jamerrill […]

A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels

Head over to Southern Hodgepodge today for Nana’s brand new video tutorial for spring! The beautiful bird’s nest! PLUS, we are super excited to announce… A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels ebook is now available! Celebrate the spring with art! A Seasonal Start in Chalk Pastels: Spring is now available for beginning or continuing […]

Spring is Full of So Many Things


Mama Ann’s dogwood  Watching dogwoods turn from white and pink… into their full summer dress… Visiting Mama Ann a couple of weeks ago when all was in full bloom… Exclaiming over Queen Anne’s lace on the side of the road on the way to church… Stopping to take a photo of a thistle… Planting a […]

Spring Discoveries in Our Backyard

spring flowers

I asked my mother if I could use her camera to take some pictures outside. This is what I found: Flowers Trees and Seeds Clouds and Sky Anoles Siblings I had a really fun time finding nature in our backyard. Thank you Handbook of Nature Study! See you next time!

How to Make Memories this Spring

muddy boots

It seems to me that we are always talking about making memories with our children during the summer. Or over the Christmas holidays. But memory-making lasts year ’round. Spring can be the time to burst outside and enjoy. To build a new tradition. Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks […]

10 Easter and Spring Arts and Crafts

Easy Art Projects for Spring at

Sharing arts and crafts to compliment all things spring! Bird’s Nest: A Pastels Tutorial Tornado: A Pastels Tutorial Handprint Easter Lamb Three Little Chicks: A Pastels Tutorial   Bubbles: A Pastels Tutorial Queen Anne’s Lace: A Pastels Tutorial Wedding Shower Paper Chain Book Lover Wreath (Wreath made from paperback books) Decorate a Trash Can with […]

Noticing Spring


Spidey on unfurling hydrangea. Budding trees. Blue skies. Bright flowers. Peeking anole. Ever-changing weather. March moon. Notebooking observations. Outdoor Hour Challenges

10 Favorite Resources for Easter and Spring

10 Favorite Resources for Easter and Spring

As the sun set, I told the children I was going to run out and get a picture of the iris to email to my grandmother. The bloom a result of a bulb transplanted from her yard. I asked them to pick out a book since it was close to bedtime. Notice how this single […]

Heavenly Hydrangeas: Outdoor Hour


With the excitement of the new direction of the Outdoor Hour Challenges in our minds, we turned to our hydrangeas. Not only because they are a favorite, not only because they are abundant in several colors in our yard… …but also because we are fresh from a wedding featuring hydrangeas in all the bouquets and […]

Spring Birds


We love our birds and enjoy watching them. So, for our spring time nature study, each of the children chose a favorite bird that we are seeing frequent our yard. We talked about the seasons and which birds we see more of when. We all look forward to seeing some gold finches soon, hopefully. Cardinal […]

Spring Weather Outdoor Hour Challenge


We have enjoyed weather typical of spring in the south. Cooler, breezy days topped with robin’s egg blue skies alternate with warm, flip-flop wearing days that make us want to jaunt off to the beach. We’ve had a week’s worth of rain making all that Georgia red clay into clothes-staining mud puddles. This week, we […]

Three Little Chicks: A Pastels Tutorial


One, two, three – EASY! Here is a sweet and simple spring time pastel for you and your chicks to enjoy. Nana chose regular, green construction paper and cut it in half. Then three colors: yellow, orange and black. Make a nice, fluffy, round chick body. Use your finger and blend it so your chick […]