Simple Heart-Shaped Bird Feeder


Somewhere I saw this idea. A simple, heart-shaped bird feeder. Of course, we must make it. And we must make it allergy friendly! We gathered our supplies: cardboard from a cereal or other box lard or shortening SunButter (or peanut butter for those non-allergic types) bird seed string We cut out the simple heart shape. I punched a hole with the scissors and Middle Girl

For the Birds: Gift Idea

Gift Idea for Bird Lovers

from the 2010 archives…We spent an entire afternoon Saturday making treats for the birds – and the bird lovers we know. Nana came across a really neat recipe for birdseed wreaths. I was especially excited about it because it is peanut free for our crew. Just three ingredients! Gelatin, water and birdseed. We made ten, small, heart-shaped wreaths and two large tube pan wreaths. Place

Homemade Suet


We are making some of this today, so I thought I’d post the recipe from our old site… We did a science project to see what the birds like best. We used this recipe. It is allergy safe with my little sister and brother around. You can also add some Sunbutter. Danny Lipford’s suet cake recipe 1 cup bird seed 1 cup lard 1 chopped