True Education

True Education is teaching children how to learn

True education is teaching children how to learn, equipping them to learn, and guiding them in to their specific life-purpose by God’s design.” ~ Wisdom’s Way of Learning by Marilyn Howshall (and making sure they are warm enough and have a hat for spelling on a cold winter’s morning) Since last I shared a Collage […]

Resources for Multiple Ages at The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party

Resources for Multiple Ages at The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party

Welcome to the Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party! This week we are featuring pins with resources for multiple ages and more. Enjoy, and please do stop back by each week! –> Follow my Homeschool Pinterest board! I have the privilege of co-hosting the Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party each week with these wonderful ladies: Jamerrill @FreeHomeschoolDeals Jenn […]

6 Simple Sucessful Strategies for Homeschooling a House Full

6 Simple Successful Strategies for Homeschooling a House Full

This past Tuesday I had the privilege of sharing the best of our helpful homeschool habits for multiple ages with a group of homeschool mamas. I promised them that I would put these all in one handy spot. And I have – so you, my readers, can enjoy them too. I have also included the […]

The Many Benefits of Winter Games 2014 Unit Study with Multiple Ages

WinterGames2014CoverSM (1)

We are enjoying Winter Games 2014 unit study by Amanda Bennett now and spreading it out through the February Winter Olympic games. I’ll be sharing more about what we are doing in our homeschool wrap ups and Collage Friday posts. But I can already tell you… This is our third time enjoying an Amanda Bennett […]

Back to Homeschool Basics

Back to Homeschool Basics at

I have been saying that I will share more specifics and goals for our family. This past week those played out some. I thought I’d give you an update, Collage Friday and Day in the Life style. You might remember that I am seeking those ancient paths. Honing and focusing, cutting out all the unnecessary. […]

Homeschooling Children of Multiple Ages – Joys and Challenges

Homeschooling Children of Multiple Ages - Joys and Challenges

This week has been one of those weeks I have truly felt  – yep, we are homeschooling multiple ages. Both the joys and challenges of our age range. Earlier in the week I had the privilege of being on a panel of fellow mamas talking about this very subject. We discussed joys, challenges, how we […]

Fall Homeschooling

Fall Homeschooling at

I think I hear about it much more often from others during spring. The beautiful weather, need-to-get-outside, distracted and can’t-get-school-work-done issue. But boy do we tend to have that at our house in the fall! In fact, some of our very best family memories are made in the fall. Those times we just take off […]

How to Teach Multiple Subjects to Multiple Ages in Homeschool

How to Teach Multiple Subjects to Multiple Ages in #Homeschool at

Just how I teach multiple subjects to multiple ages? It’s always changing with growing children and their needs. Since you, dear reader, might be looking for a specific answer for a specific subject, I include links to all of my best tips for teaching multiple ages. First, let’s start with the basics. The Basics of […]

Finding the Heart of Homeschool

Finding the Love in #Homeschool

It hit me. The mess on the floor, the grumpy attitudes. Where is the love in all of this? We finished out that homeschool day, we cleaned up the mess and we leaned heavy into the weekend. We just needed a weekend of family time. No agenda. No commitments. No have tos. No school subjects. […]

Homeschool Electives and Extracurricular for Multiple Ages

Electives and Extracurricular with Multiple Ages

This has been the week of all things elective and extracurricular. Just how – homeschooling multiple ages of children? A peek into our busy week… Well, of course there was math, language arts, science and the rest in there. But it was a bit overshadowed by the greatness of field trips. Particularly one that we […]

Homeschool Marine Biology for Multiple Ages

Marine Biology Studies for Multiple Ages at

We are embarking on a new adventure together. We are formally studying marine biology in our homeschool. I say formally because our studies will count for high school credit for our eldest two. And we have many wonderful resources we will purposefully be using. See, we’ve long loved all things marine biology, aquatic and beach […]

A Painting A Day

A Painting a Day at

A painting a day is an absolutely fun habit happening at Hodgepodge that came about quite on its own. Well, with much encouragement from Lil’ Buddy. See, just about daily he asks to “paint with forever paints” (acrylics) or “do a chalk pastel.” Yes, chalk pastels count as “painting” as Nana has taught us. Yes, […]