Chalk Pastel Box: A Tutorial

Chalk Pastel Box Art Tutorial at Hodgepodge

Nana thought it would be fun to make our pastel box. And that it surely was. But most of all – colorful! Little Buddy joined in first. He made his own creation while Nana sketched off the chalk pastel box. He narrated his artwork as he went along, saying it is a sun glob. Then […]

A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels ebook from Hodgepodge

A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels

We are excited to announce our ebook, A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels: Art for All Ages. The Lord blessed my mother, Lucia Hames, with amazing talent. She’s been teaching her grandchildren art lessons for years. A Simple Start offers a whole year of chalk pastels from Nana, the Master Artist – her talents from […]

Henry David Thoreau: To The Woods Chalk Pastel

Woods Chalk Pastel

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” ~ Thoreau I have always loved a path or walking trail. […]

Sandpiper Shore Bird: A Chalk Pastel Tutorial


On a lazy afternoon at the beach the children and I decided to draw a sandpiper – after seeing these fast and delightful birds all morning swooping down and racing the waves. We assembled our limited color palette of pastels. We just couldn’t pack everything! I drew a large bird shape on a piece of […]

Robin: A Pastels Tutorial


This tutorial is hosted by me and the children. A direct result of the confidence we’ve built in following Nana’s instructions. See, we pulled out the chalk pastels during a nature study as we often do. And we sketched robins to compliment our studies. Here is what we did. We watched robins in the backyard. […]

Dr. Seuss Acrylic Art

Dr. Seuss Acrylic Art Tutorials

We’re teaming up with a great bunch of bloggers to celebrate Seuss! Be sure to stop by and visit seven others for more inspiration… You can paint with a brush using colors like blue You simply must I can paint – how about you? In celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday and all the fun his books […]

Duct Tape Purse Tutorial

duct tape purse

I’m back for another duct tape tutorial! One afternoon, I searched on Google for how to make a duct tape purse. I found a link to the duck tape brand duct tape tutorial. So I watched the video and this is what I made. Take a look at the inside! Didn’t it turn out pretty? […]

All Blue: A Chalk Pastels Tutorial

All Blue Ocean Chalk Pastel

Stay tuned tomorrow for a really fun giveaway involving sea creatures! Nana has been excited about sharing a different type of chalk pastel. A lesson all one color – shades of blue! First, we all looked at the many shades of blue and chose colors. We listened to instructions. And we began with the top […]

Heart Collage: Mixed Media Acrylic


What a wonderful afternoon we had making heart collages! Nana was fresh from a class with Ann Cockerill of The Red Cockerill Gallery. So, she taught us how to make a heart in the same spirit. See, in her heart collage, how the acrylics emphasize the heart, the words and the border? There are so […]

Acrylics Plus Links to Tutorials

Acrylics Plus Free Tutorials at Hodgepodge

Please scroll down for a list of printable lessons… I thought that we could take a break from our wonderful pastel lessons and go explore a new medium…acrylic paint!  I have painted with acrylics for many years…using them to paint wall murals, tee-shirts…the paint is a very forgiving medium.  You can make a small investment […]

Cupcake: Acrylic Paint Tutorial

cupcake acrylic tutorial

This lesson is narrated by Middle Girl. Both Nana and Middle Girl took the photos for this tutorial… This is a little different from our usual chalk pastels!  Last weekend Nana surprised my younger sister and I with an acrylic paint lesson!  She spent a little time explaining to us about the paints, brushes and […]

Butterfly: A Pastels Tutorial + Monarch DVD Review


Today’s chalk pastel tutorial is in honor of a wonderful, new resource! Our friends at Crowe’s Nest Media have produced an education and beautifully God-glorifying DVD. Your Backyard: The Life and Journey of the Amazing Monarch Butterfly. You will want to click over to The Curriculum Choice for my review and enter to win a […]