Helpful Homeschool Habit: College Visits

Say Yes to New Adventures - Homeschool Habit - College Visits

It wasn’t that long ago we were marveling at the fact that we had a high schooler. (Just three years!) Now we are making college visits. And folks, it is every bit a continuing adventure. What a blessing, joy and honor of a time it is to be with my high schoolers. Say yes to […]

Helpful Homeschool Habit: Pressing On

Helpful Homeschool Habit - Pressing On

In our homeschool we are pressing on. There are a few subjects we have finished. And the calendar is filled with end of the year programs, practices and celebrations. We are pressing on because in just a few short weeks it will be summer break. We are pressing on because in a few short weeks, […]

Helpful Homeschool Habit: Keep on Keeping On

Helpful Homeschool Habit: Keep On Keeping On

Friends it has truly been a hodgepodge these last two weeks. We are learning a variety of things in a variety of ways. But I believe that the overall theme of our learning has been keep on keeping on. Nothing spectacular and just pretty simple and basic. On the trail again…(a lovely Saturday afternoon stroll […]

6 Simple Sucessful Strategies for Homeschooling a House Full

6 Simple Successful Strategies for Homeschooling a House Full

This past Tuesday I had the privilege of sharing the best of our helpful homeschool habits for multiple ages with a group of homeschool mamas. I promised them that I would put these all in one handy spot. And I have – so you, my readers, can enjoy them too. I have also included the […]

Take Advantage of Your Homeschool Schedule

Taking Advantage of a Homeschool Schedule at Hodgepodge

Oh I am such a rule follower! So, in writing this and sharing about our week of taking advantage of a homeschool schedule, I am speaking to myself too. See, I have to remind myself that there is a wonderful balance that can happen when we keep our diligence in homeschool, yet take advantage of […]

Homeschool Science for Multiple Ages

Apologia Homeschool Science for Multiple Ages

You might remember that last year all our ages studied marine biology using Apologia resources. Oh we could just continue to camp out there! What a fantastic year of learning it was! (More on that Most Used IKEA Bookshelf in 10 Homeschool Learning Centers at Hodgepodge) But, we have also been excited about new studies […]

Weekly Homeschool Planning – Expanded

Weekly Homeschool Planning Meeting - Expanded

We are expanding our weekly homeschool planning meeting. Why? Things are always changing at Hodgepodge: our children’s needs, moving into older grades, more accountability needed. This year our eldest three children simply needed to SEE all their subjects and practice scheduling their time.  How We Expanded Weekly Homeschool Planning I typed up all the subjects, […]

Helpful Homeschool Habit: Moving Forward

Helpful Homeschool Habit - Moving On

We’ve been enjoying a slow and steady start to homeschool after a fun summer. This week has been one marked with moving on. Like the Little Engine That Could. I think I can… I think I can… We aren’t quite up to full speed but I’d say we are at least 3/4 or close to […]

Help! I’m Back to School!

Slow and Steady Back to Homeschool - Tips, Encouragement and Helps at Hodgepodge

Once again we are having a slow and steady start to homeschool. We are still hanging on to summer and dipping in the pool while getting our feet wet in homeschool. Last week we started with just math. Plus we started back to piano lessons. This week we have added another subject (of each child’s […]

Helpful Habit: Celebrate a Good End to the Homeschool Year

Helpful Habit - Celebrate a Good End to the #Homeschool Year

We are at a repeat of where we were this time last year. “Are you feeling it too? The calendar is clearing up. There’s white space on the page, flip flops by the back door and blue skies outside! Choir, church activities, drama troupe have all ended for the year for us. Some subjects are […]

Helpful Homeschool Habits for Standardized Testing

Helpful #Homeschool Habits for Standardized Testing

~ I’m keeping up the habit of sharing a helpful homeschool habit on Fridays! After we took a homeschool spring break, we went right back to it with required standardized testing. It was a productive yet interesting week of juggling things with our multiple ages. I am sharing our week and my tips in today’s […]

Helpful Homeschool Habit: Take a Break!

Helpful #Homeschool Habit - Take a Break!

Several times this week I received confirmation that we need to take a break. This photo was taken Monday morning after the younger two had completed their school work… Time for a homeschool break! Nerf guns and backyard swinging over here. How about you? We all need breaks. Short breaks during the day. And a […]