Helpful Homeschool Habit: College Visits

Say Yes to New Adventures - Homeschool Habit - College Visits

It wasn’t that long ago we were marveling at the fact that we had a high schooler. (Just three years!) Now we are making college visits. And folks, it is every bit a continuing adventure. What a blessing, joy and honor of a time it is to be with my high schoolers. Say yes to new adventures! (Just like the photo my rising senior made,

Helpful Homeschool Habit: Pressing On

Helpful Homeschool Habit - Pressing On

In our homeschool we are pressing on. There are a few subjects we have finished. And the calendar is filled with end of the year programs, practices and celebrations. We are pressing on because in just a few short weeks it will be summer break. We are pressing on because in a few short weeks, at the end of this homeschool year and in planning

Helpful Homeschool Habit: Keep on Keeping On

Helpful Homeschool Habit: Keep On Keeping On

Friends it has truly been a hodgepodge these last two weeks. We are learning a variety of things in a variety of ways. But I believe that the overall theme of our learning has been keep on keeping on. Nothing spectacular and just pretty simple and basic. On the trail again…(a lovely Saturday afternoon stroll on the Silver Comet Trail) So, something like this… Didn’t

6 Simple Sucessful Strategies for Homeschooling a House Full

6 Simple Successful Strategies for Homeschooling a House Full

This past Tuesday I had the privilege of sharing the best of our helpful homeschool habits for multiple ages with a group of homeschool mamas. I promised them that I would put these all in one handy spot. And I have – so you, my readers, can enjoy them too. I have also included the sprinkling of photos and collages from this homeschool week –

Take Advantage of Your Homeschool Schedule

Taking Advantage of a Homeschool Schedule at Hodgepodge

Oh I am such a rule follower! So, in writing this and sharing about our week of taking advantage of a homeschool schedule, I am speaking to myself too. See, I have to remind myself that there is a wonderful balance that can happen when we keep our diligence in homeschool, yet take advantage of those wonderful opportunities that the Lord puts in our path.