Homeschool Workboxes: Reorganization By Subject

workboxes by subject

In the last weeks of school we realized something. Our homeschool room organization was off. Well, not only had we not kept up with the paper overflow but we realized we’d outgrown the current system. See, we still use workboxes with the younger three children. And a few here and there for the older two for specific purposes, like art supplies. Make Workboxes Work For

Homeschool Makeover: Workboxes Update


I thought it was about time for an update on the Hodgepodge workboxes! As with all aspects of homeschooling now and then, our workboxes needed a makeover. See, I was quite taken with workboxes about this time two years ago. I still, very much, appreciate their usefulness. When my friend Angie first introduced me to them, they were perfect for our Winter Olympics unit study.

Hodgepodge Curricula 2010-2011


2010-2011: 7th, 6th and 3rd grades plus two preschoolers Tapestry of Grace Year 4 “From Teddy Roosevelt to Sept 11th” everyone participates in this unit study approach which includes History, Writing, Vocabulary, Geography, Bible, Worldview, Arts and Activities, Literature and Music. We use workboxes with Tapestry. Read about how I am the Tapestry cheerleader here All Tapestry posts here Bible – Plants Grown Up and


The practical aspects of our homeschool schedule using Tapestry of Grace and workboxes Homeschool Curricula 2010-11 Homeschool Schedule 2009-10 Scheduling and Planning: Readying Tapestry + the rest Mama on Vacation: Planning and Goal Setting Workbox related posts: How we started using workboxes – Olympic strides and wielding workboxes (unit study) Olympic/workboxes – week two Workbox Contents Tapestry of Grace in workboxes Outdoor Hour Nature Studies

Tapestry of Grace in Workboxes

Tapestry of Grace in Workboxes - Sample Schedule

We delved into workboxes at the same time we started an Olympic unit study last month. Doing both new things together made for a good transition. I wondered how workboxes would work out when we returned to our Tapestry studies. Here’s a sample schedule to show you how: History reading – book in a box with pages flagged. (Red light, Green light) Literature – book