You ARE an Artist!

You ARE An Artist - Resources Galore at Hodgepodge!

It’s what Nana reminds us of often: You ARE an Artist! She says, “All of us are born with talent….an inbred wiring to create.  As parents, grandparents and teachers, tapping this talent and helping students reach a rich satisfaction with creation of art is our goal!  If you pick up a brush, pen, pastel chalk…or […]

You ARE An Artist! Ultimate List of Favorite Art Resources at Hodgepodge

You CAN Be An Artist - Favorite Art Resources at Hodgepodge

~This post contains affiliate links to resources we love. Any purchases you make through our links help us continue to share absolutely free art tutorials with you! Please see our disclosure policy. On this, the final day of our You CAN Be An Artist series, I am arming you with resources. We’ve made the progression […]

You Can Be An Artist! Nurturing Your Artist in High School

Creative Space

Please welcome a very dear friend and mentor to me, Barbara McCoy of Harmony Fine Arts and Handbook of Nature Study! So you have kindled a love of art in the early years of homeschooling…sharing great art and artists. You have provided lots of art supplies along with opportunities to create art but now you […]

You CAN Be An Artist! Help for Reluctant Artists

Help for Reluctant Artists

~This post contains an affiliate link to a resource we love and use in our homeschool. Please see my disclosure policy.~ Finger painting with Earth Paints “Every child is an artist…The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” ~ Pablo Picasso. Have you experienced this? We have. Our older children are […]

You CAN Be An Artist! Wear Your Art

You CAN Be An Artist - Wear Your Art at

Last week Phyllis at All Things Beautiful asked: “How do you store your finished pieces? Do you have special folders or notebooks?” That IS a good question! Because when you have a house full of artists, they can produce quite a bit of art work. Phyllis – you caught me working on that very thing! […]

You CAN Be an Artist! Waterfall Tutorial

You CAN Be An Artist - Waterfall Chalk Pastel Tutorial at

Nana is here today to share how you can be an artist and paint motion… This is an easy, quick pastel painting that I think artists of every age will enjoy!  You can get into the tumbling motion of the water as it crashes down to the rocks below the falls.  I painted this from […]

You CAN Be An Artist! Paint Simple Shapes of Fruit and Vegetables

You CAN Be An Artist - Day 5 - Paint Simple Shapes of Fruit and Vegetables

Circles. Round and simple. After the straight lines of landscapes, you can be an artist with beautiful fruits and vegetables! When starting with art the youngest of children, Nana shared the same approach. It’s a natural progression. Today I am offering up all the fruits and veggies we’ve shared before plus an absolutely free download […]

You CAN Be An Artist! Name and Sign Every Picture

You CAN Be An Artist - Name Every Picture

Naming every picture is a habit I learned from a teacher years ago who said, if you name your picture, it gives it permanence.  A named painting most likely will be kept and not thrown away!  Children are great believers in keeping their artwork…all of it! Name Every Piece of Artwork A finished painting deserves […]

You CAN Be An Artist! Paint Landscapes

You CAN Be An Artist! Paint Landscapes

Want immediate artistic results? Paint a landscape! It is an easy method for success. Nana has explained to us how the simple, straight lines and curves of a landscape are especially encouraging to budding artists. Draw a line for the horizon, blend in a brilliant sky, curve a path to the beach. That is is […]

You Can Be An Artist – Just Practice!

You CAN Be An Artist! - Just Practice

Pastel chalks are an easy and almost instantly rewarding way to introduce a student to creativity. Using the chalks are often referred to as “painting” rather than drawing. Chalks are pure paint pigment. Yes, they are messy and stain your fingers when you use them. We’ve shared often here at Hodgepodge those gentle tips to […]

You Can Be An Artist! What is an Artist?

You Can Be An Artist Day 1 - What is an artist?

What is an artist? Webster defines it this way: Definition of ARTIST 1 a obsolete : one skilled or versed in learned arts  b archaic : physician  c archaic : artisan 1 2 a : one who professes and practices an imaginative art  b : a person skilled in one of the fine arts I […]

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You CAN Be an Artist

Some exciting things to share! Dear friends if you haven’t already downloaded your free Volcano Chalk Pastel tutorial, please do so right away. The lesson will be going away before our new tutorial will post on Friday. The other good news? If you subscribe now,  you will receive the newest chalk pastel tutorial when it […]